Another week gone by but a NEW winner in JetsonRING congratulations...

He gave us the theme "Spirituous Drink"

Lets see who will win, pick up to 3 of the following to vote for, and not you're own!!!

Also join us tonight 7pm

Lets get on with this weeks offerings..

1 : - TheOriginalB : Now Friend

Now, friend, before I hand you this Kongga Ale, I want to ask you - are you sure you want this?
I'm going to be honest, this stuff is - at best - pig swill.
If you want it, I'll sell it, but for a distinguished commander like you, can I recommend the Eranin Pearl Whiskey?
One taste of that and you'll be transformed.
Or perhaps this smooth Centauri Mega Gin? Lavian Brandy is a fine, distinguished drink as well.
So let me ask you: do you want to just get the job done, or do you want to do it in style?

2 : - Frank : Selfish Angels

They found the WSS Politician crawling between stars. The cockpit looked clean, save for the corpse in the pilot's chair; desiccated flesh stretched over bones.

"There was a fault with the first Stardreamers. If auto-navigation failed, the Stardreamer never got the 'destination reached' signal to wake you up."

"At least he died in his sleep."

"Wow! Look at his itinerary, He was taking whisky to Tau Ceti. It's pre-starflight. It's worth a fortune!"

They eagerly split open a cannister in the hold, to find the bottles inside empty. The contents had evaporated into the vacuum of space many centuries ago.

3 : - JetsonRING : Chapter 1

Molly’s nose wrinkled as she stepped out of the airlock.

Recognizing the disgusting odor permeating the tiny ship, she worked her way toward the control cabin and found him passed out in the pilot’s chair, groaning and drooling.

“You’ve been at it again haven’t you, makin' yer illegal hooch?” she exclaimed angrily, examining the illegal distillery, shards of broken jug strewn about the deck, vomit pooling wetly around the control chair.

He was the best of CMDRs when sober, but something had changed. CMDR Kadian just wasn't the same man since the Thargoid attack on and loss of Sprightly Station.

4 : - Listeri69 : Get The Dog Onions...

His mind jolted back to the present as Gin spilled over the glass and onto the coffee table.
Pausing before finishing it in one long gulp.
Drinking isn't for the unhappy, an unwelcome company to misery, but company it is, in a lonely universe.
The word company brings it back along with the searing alcohol burn.
Watching something grow, Grief is painfully real, regardless of its origin.
Playing, feeding and enjoying that company.
There's an everlasting bond that can't be broken by death.
He made the next drink a toast to all that we've lost in life, and the small friends we've loved.

5 : - Cmdr Pseudonym : Always read the label...

The expletives flew out of Kows mouth. 'This is the third moon i've had to pull in behind in this supercruise alone'
'well you will buy McThargoids every night it's going to have an effect on an already delicate system' Moof protested as his guts wrenched inside 'Do you have to do that?'
'It's a moon, I'm not going to pancake my ship into it just because you have to go'
'I'll pancake you in a second to the cockpit window if you keep flying like that'
'Here quit your moaning and drink this'
Moof took a gulp.. and died...

6 : - Simoof : Mrs Hubbard would be ashamed.

Commander Chris Mankey sat looking at his glass. It was unusually empty.
He looked in the cupboards - oh no. They were all empty too.
He grabbed his dataslate and logged into Amazing.
There was unlimited beers and wines and everything.
No he fancied something stronger.
Suddenly he remembered his typing was so bad not even the A.I. at amazing. could understand him.
He'd need to try the voice ordering system. Stringing sounds resembling words he placed a priority order.

Two hours later a Taoistic Monk knocked at his door.
"Who are you?" Mankey asked.
"I'm the spiritualist chink you ordered."

7 : - Fletchmo : Hoe-Kay - Letsh Doo Tish

Lavecon, Sol, July 2017

Would you like another whisky Fletch?

Dyonkt myund ifsh eyedoo – Frankshoo werry mush Crumbinder Wibble Boot. (hic)

So, you gonna join us going up that volcano next year?

Yearsh maytee – Furr shertunn – Sh’ fruggin eeeezzeee jobby. Ifsh Sheshill cundoo eet in dat silly skirt, shows cunn eye! (hic).

D’ya reckon we’re gonna make it to the top?

Naah Wobb - Eye frinks yerr awll gonna die horrrrribbleeee, but itsh gornah be fun furr ebbree-wunn to wotch itsh live orn Kow’s Tritch stweem. Demm charridees wheel earn mill-yuns from gweef shtrikkun donors. Mwahahahahaha

8 : - Draxxor : HA IM NOR HERE

Draxx wants gin, do do, do do do do
Draxx wants gin, do do, do do do do
Draxx wants gin, do do, do do do do
Draxx wants

Give her gin, do do, do do do do
Give her gin, do do, do do do do
Give her gin, do do, do do do do
Give her gin

So much gin, Gin gin gin gin gin gin
So much gin, Gin gin gin gin gin gin
So much gin, Gin gin gin gin gin gin
So much gin

Now she’s trashed, lol lol lol lol lol lol
The end