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Thread: Who Uses Fighters Against Scouts ?

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    I geared a Crusader with a Trident for this very purpose. It's pretty straightforward. I would like something with a larger ammo reserve (I'm using AX multis on the Crusader) so I could do this longer. Against the scouts, the Trident is fine.

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    Yup. Murder scouts all day long in my combat fitted KB with AX Taipan.....

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    Originally Posted by Speedcuffs View Post (Source)
    Which one of the Guardian SLF has unlimited ammo?
    The Trident does, however the likelihood of your NPC pilot surviving to use their ammo it is near 0% due to the shockingly horrible defence design of the Guardian fighters (increased hitbox, No caustic resistance, No phasing resistance).

    besides, once fighters redock they will replenish their ammo. that's why ammo is not a big deal for me when it comes to the fighters. i'd rather deal reliable dps instead and those Lance's (Gauss version) do a great job despite the damage falloff being very noticeable.

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    Anyone who does not yet have Gaurdian SLFs, be advised, they are not a magic hammer to farm, they require more skill to operate.

    I agree with the performance issues of npc pilots in fighters, its not great, hasn't been for a long time now.

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