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Thread: Operation IDA Charity Fundraiser Starting 14th Dec To Repair Damaged Starports & Improve lives!

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    Operation IDA Charity Fundraiser Starting 14th Dec To Repair Damaged Starports & Improve lives!

    Greetings CMDR's o7,

    On December 14th of last year, The first 3 attacks on StarPorts in the Pleiades by the Thargoids occurred. This marked the 2nd Thargoid War and since then, The attacks have been relentless and the toll on humanity has been immense.

    Operation IDA quickly was formed as a volunteer group who have worked tirelessly to repair the damaged stations.
    In the past year, we have repaired 14 stations and continue to do so as best that we can.

    It's a difficult and thankless job but we do it because it's the right thing to do. We have been lucky to have support from CMDR's who donate their time and efforts but our roster is not deep.

    To commemorate the ONE year anniversary of the attacks we are organizing The HAPPY HOLIDAY HAUL to invite people from ALL PLATFORMS to join us in repairs as well as raise money for a very worthy charity.

    The Happy Holiday Haul Campaign will begin on December 14th & finish on January 4th.

    We not only invite all CMDR's to join us but also Streamers & YouTubers to support our efforts as well.
    Also any Organizations that blog or report news for the Elite community.
    Any coverage of our efforts by any of you would be greatly appreciated.

    We'll be hosting Convoys on each of the three weekends as well as give out some prizes as it's all for a good cause.
    "A splendid time is guarenteed for all" - Mr Kite

    You can get Full information at our Operation IDA GoFundme Page located at:

    (We're attempting to raise $500 for Direct Relief, an excellent international medical aid based organization)

    Also we invite all supporters to adopt The OP-IDA Holiday Haul Signature Banner here on the Frontier forums as their own to help support the cause.

    The Signature Banner can be seen below and the code to use is the following:


    This is a great cross platform community and we have always tried to quietly make a difference.
    Please join us in solidarity in these trying times to help stabilize systems & starports as well as make a real life difference for real people.

    ** Special Thanks to Alec Turner for the forum help!

    *** Additional info on OP-IDA can be found at our web page which lists info, blog posts and has all our spreadsheet info/data on stations and commodities throughout the repair process.

    *** Even more information at the OP-IDA thread on these very forums here:

    Fly Safe CMDR's!
    Follow Operation IDA on Twitter @OperationIDA

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    Awesome I hope I'm back from Beagle quick enough to participate.

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    You people do an amazing job against the odds. I'll see what I can do to chip in.

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    "This is Control. We read you. Keep calm and remain on the Guard Frequency."

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    I would love to join some wings for this event.

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    Great idea - and three weeks is long enough that you can see some clear results, maybe even repair a station from scratch if enough people get involved. I'll make sure to bring my Anaconda along to help out over the holidays - or my T9 if we're working on a station in the Bubble.
    I would suggest adding a link to the Operation IDA thread in the OP so people can quickly see what you are working on at the moment and where to go for more information to get involved.
    Good luck and fly safe o7

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    Can's believe it has been almost a year, I'm all for it!! o7

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    Count me in!

    P.S. this signature banner rocks, everyone should adopt it!

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    You can thank Allcrowsareblack for the Sig Banner. It does indeed rock AND..... AND... she even took the time to make it friendly to people who are color blind (Reds and greens are murder)! True story!


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    Err IIRC, you can be colour blind between blue & green too right? . Is that much rarer?

    Anyway, yea nice banner , although it doesn't mention that it's also a fund raiser....
    Forgot to say! I'm in too.

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    Super excited for the event! IDA has grown so much in a year, heres to another year of repairing.

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    Originally Posted by Light027 View Post (Source)
    Super excited for the event! IDA has grown so much in a year, heres to another year of repairing.

    It's been a fun year. And the IDA train won't stop. The last of the damaged stations in the Pleiades should be coming online sooner rather than later, and then we can head towards the bubble.

    Looking forward to the event!

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    Time to warm up the T-10 !

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    And hopefully the signature avatar now shows .... yep ok

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