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Thread: Learning Curve of 3.3 Exploration in Beta?

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    This probably isn't an exhaustive list, since I'm just trying to remember what was added. But off the top of my head:

    Enter FSS
    Exit FSS
    FSS pitch (buttons or axis)
    FSS yaw (buttons or axis)
    FSS tuning up/down
    FSS tuning (axis)
    FSS tuning (absolute axis)
    FSS adaptive zoom (instant targeting, more or less)
    FSS stepped zoom
    Button to directly open latest discovery in codex
    Toggle night vision
    Toggle HUD mode (combat vs analysis)
    Exit DSS (probe) mode
    DSS Fire probe
    DSS pitch (buttons or axis)
    DSS yaw (buttons or axis)
    DSS toggle front/back view of planet's mapping grid

    ... and I'm sure I'm missing some things.

    Some of these are optional and overlap. For instance the "tuning" in the FSS has 3 different ways to adjust it, and you can bind just one, or all three, or whatever. I added the up/down buttons and the absolute axis, the latter allows me to instantly tune the FSS frequency with the throttle. A joystick axis on the normal "axis" control would push the slider left and right, instead of instantly moving to the controller's absolute position.

    The DSS probing mode is entered when you use a trigger to activate the DSS, with whichever firing group you added it to. Once the DSS mode is up, then you use the controls configured for it.

    All of those pitch/yaw/tuning/exit controls can be mapped to the same joysticks/keys/buttons that you use for steering or controlling the galmap, etc.

    EDIT: The only ones that could directly conflict with the rest of your normal flight controls, and need to be unique, are the ones for entering the FSS, and toggling the HUD mode. Night vision is optional since you can still toggle it in the right-side ship panel, like the lights.
    Many thanks for your post Orvidius

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    Originally Posted by Lightspeed View Post (Source)
    I'm not the best keybinds expert in the game, but I found by using 'Left Shift' plus a letter, gives me the keybinds I need for exploration, without compromising the keys I already have bound for something else.
    I use it as an anti-cat protection.

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    Originally Posted by SMcA View Post (Source)
    You don't need to figure out the ranges for ELW's, WW and Ammonia worlds.
    When you scan through the scanner frequency, the type of body appears as text below. There is also a setting in Controls that allows you to bind an analogue axis to set where the scanner frequency will be when you enter FSS. So you can enter a system in Analysis mode, quickly go into FSS, scan and see if there are any signals close to Ammonia worlds. Whose frequency is closely bracketed by ELWs and WWs. IIRC
    Another thing I'll have to get used to and learn and figure out, but good to know that it's possible to do that. Will save me much time...

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    Originally Posted by Kenneth Mcgrew View Post (Source)
    any design decisions based on the FSS being detached from your ship was not because of consoles

    there were many suggestions in beta on how it could have worked / be improved / not be a separate mini game, especially on the topic of Key bindings, but blaming it on console users isn't really fair, button combos and contextual menus are far underutilized without needing to "leave the ship" - switching flight mode button doesnt work in SC for example. controls could be right there but thats a whole other discussion on how the FSS is / was implemented.

    Its unfair to blame console users though; the designers chose a "telescope minigame" outside the cockpit and stuck with it - rightly or wrongly, UI should be a designers bread & butter and consoles dont restrict that with enough creativity.

    @op - i would wait until live and im sure someone will be along to post a good key binding set up, i managed in Beta coming from a xbox controller so its not that difficult, Live might even bring defaults which are usable, with every update i have always used the defaults with 1 or 2 tweaks and its served me well rather than mapping my own and getting into a mess.

    i played beta obviously on PC but im an Xbox CMDR and already have an idea of what i will use to switch into FSS mode (there are two required FSS & DSS) which then means all the buttons are free to use as you see fit.
    Not blaming console users.

    I do however hold fdev entirely responsible for another detached weak interface and yes their first concern has always been around designing for consoles.
    Lets not forget how they slithered up to madcatz and thrustmaster for hotas sales with the pc crowd in the begining.
    Of course the ui design has always been gimped to the lowest hardware platform, that means game pad play.

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    Originally Posted by Kenneth Mcgrew View Post (Source)
    Will be interesting to see how people feel after 50 / 100 / 500 systems.
    Done that in the beta, 20kly of scanning everything, when I was in a hurry to get somewhere before the beta ended I had to actually stop myself from scanning every single thing because it was so quick and easy to do those nothing systems, the red dwarfs with a dozen or so frozen bodies and no moons that you run into all the time. It's never going to please everyone though. Even with the FSS and scanning everything I could still get around faster than the old system because of the way I explore, but again that won't be the case for everyone.

    20kly with a 50ly jump range gave me roughly 400 systems to test with, more than that because in some areas when I wanted to do a more in depth search I set the nav to econo mode and do a good few light years around particular system, so closer to 600, I still like it, but it will be better once they populate the galaxy with stuff.

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    Originally Posted by khaos526 View Post (Source)
    Another thing I'll have to get used to and learn and figure out, but good to know that it's possible to do that. Will save me much time...
    It will probably only take you a short trip to get the hang of it.

    If you, like me, scoop, honk, aim at the next target star and look at the system map. To decide if there is anything worth stopping for. You can save a bit more time by not throttling down on your HOTAS but pressing the zero throttle key bind and going straight into FSS mode. Looking then reversing the procedure. I found as Iíve said in other threads. When I came out of FSS, I was still moving at a small percentage of c. And could jump immediately to the next star. I made a macro that goes into FSS while I hold the button down and backs out when released.

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    Originally Posted by Kenneth Mcgrew View Post (Source)
    Will be interesting to see how people feel after 50 / 100 / 500 systems.
    Speaking for myself, during the beta I was very surprised to discover that the more I used the new mechanics the more I liked them. After exploring hundreds of systems in the beta I simply could not go back to exploring in 3.2, it just felt so shallow and boring to me by comparison.

    Regarding the learning curve, I agree that setting up the keybindings well is crucial to enjoying the new mechanics. I had it all set up in 15 minutes, but it took me another hour of tweaking and fiddling to really find a setup which I found comfortable to use. Thatís the key in my opinion: not just setting up the keybinds, but doing so in a manner which feels natural and easy to use. Once you have that the new mechanics play incredibly awesome in my opinion.

    I canít wait for next Tuesday!

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    Originally Posted by Kenneth Mcgrew View Post (Source)
    Will be interesting to see how people feel after 50 / 100 / 500 systems.
    Did that in the beta. (Although perhaps not entirely 500.) After trying things out, I felt mostly the same as I thought originally thought I would. You can get used to it, the same way one can get used to any poor interface given enough practice, but to me, the FSS is still worse than what we had before. (The DSS is better, but it feels quite like cheating. Lob some probes, and you get everything magically pinpointed, no need to narrow down a search area or anything - even though that mechanic is already in-game!)
    In my observations, it's mostly people who didn't explore recently (either because they didn't like it, or if they originally did, but later got bored with it) who are enthusiastic about it. Novelty is a powerful thing, and we'll see how long it lasts.

    For me, I can put up with the new mechanics, but whether doing so would be worth it for me will depend on what new stuff will be out there to find. Put another way: if I enjoy the new process less, the only way to balance that out is if I'll enjoy the new rewards more.

    But hey, even if it'll wear off quickly for me, other parts of the game look more and more interesting these days. Worst case is that I'll stop exploring until the next update (hopefully, expansion) that adds to the galaxy.

    Oh, and no offense to anyone, but let me reiterate: customising your controls is not a learning curve. Beyond having to grapple with the controls, learning and becoming proficient at the FSS and DSS can be done in a short amount of time.

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