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Thread: Discovery Scanner 4 - The Art of Asteroids w/Chris Gregory

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    Awesome news, thanks a lot! I love the "Discovery Scanner" series!

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    Cool, I loved the previous one. Was very surprised to see him use Reaper, automatically assumed they'd use something expensive like protools or at least Cubase. Very neat!

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    These Discovery Channel episodes are the best livestreams. Looking forward to it!

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    Last week's stream was a really great watch. I'll be there.

    Tip top top tip though, FDev .. don't forget to unplug your toaster at 6:59 GMT

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    Well this has a lot to live up to, the last one was brilliant! No pressure...

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    Loved this livestream ! The amount of effort and details put in this game is incredible !

    The whole weapons development process was also very interesting =) Keep them coming !!!

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    This was a most enjoyable livestream. Many thanks for all your time !


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    Small seismic charges.

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    Another good live stream, I like seeing the process from concept art through to in-game asset with some insight into the reasoning behind certain choices.

    Any chance we could see a similar presentation for one of the ships? Pretty please Christmas wish?

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    Very interesting. At some point a new Artbook might be viable.

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    Another quality livestream...keep 'em coming

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    Really beautiful pictures in this stream. +1

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