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Thread: Distant Worlds 2: Discovery Submissions

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    Post Distant Worlds 2: Discovery Submissions


    Living Rings Competition Now On (click here for details)


    EDIT: We have found that when we find something interesting in the thread we aren't able to locate it in the spreadsheet. Therefore could we urge everyone to please make sure to give the exact name and/or they wrote in the form, when also sharing the entry here in the thread. Don't just share screenshots!

    Distant Worlds 2 is all about discovery (it's in the name), and we are heading out to unravel the mysteries of the codex. As a result, we are creating a database for said discoveries and this thread is to be used to also discuss some of the more epic finds as well. Publish them, show everyone your historic find!

    So please use the following form for submitting your Codex finds. It's for codex entries only. This is to be used for anything and everything, don't worry, no matter how small, the data can and will be used by one of our departments. If your find is really special, something worth telling everyone about, do three things:

    • Write a very convincing description about it in the relevant part of the form
    • Add some screenshots
    • Post it here in this thread too to open a discussion!

    And in case that is ambiguous, let me make it crystal clear:


    • Make sure to post those here in the thread itself, with screenshots and description and try to ignite a conversation!
    • If it is a codex entry, make sure to submit it on the form as well!


    • Do not post them in the thread itself! No water geysers, standard lagrange clouds, etc.
    • Submit them via the form if you want, we urge especially science and geology roles to do so, but everyone is welcome to
    • It's not obligatory as part of the expedition - just for those that want to really contribute

    Direct link:

    You can fill it out right here:

    There will also be a way of doing this on discord, coming soon. Watch this space!

    Lastly, we would like to ask everyone to be cordial. Mistakes WILL happen. Sometimes someone will discover something and then someone will discover it again and submit it first, and it won't be malicious. We will want to give credit to the original discoverer and will aim to do so always, even if the original discoverer never submits it at all. We will also credit the person who submitted it, and there ain't nuthin' wrong with that.

    Please also be aware that by sharing your discoveries publicly without first selling your exploration data, others may visit your system and inadvertently sell their data before you, thereby claiming the discovery and mapping tags there. Please bare that in mind!


    Distant Worlds 2 Discoveries - Inner Orion Spur

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    CM NOTE: Modified DrKaii's post to show up as my own so that the HTML works!

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    Waypoint 2 to Waypoint 3: Distant Worlds 2 - Sagittarii Conflux POI Mapping Event

    Now closed - the next mapping event will begin at Waypoint 10.


    The local region between the Omega Nebula and the Conflux Settlements has seldom few charted POIs. The Galactic Mapping Project would therefore like explorers to look for candidate POIs around Waypoint 3, extending out to around a 2,500 LY radius.

    Candidate entries should be submitted to this thread.

    This mapping event begins on January 27th and ends on February 3rd.

    To avoid data overload, the GMP team will choose the best 5 candidates to be added to EDSM as POIs.

    Submissions can come in a variety of POIs:

    • Nebula
    • Planetary Nebula
    • Star Cluster
    • Pulsar
    • Black Hole
    • Stellar POI
    • Planetary POI
    • Surface (Geological Feature) POI
    • Interesting Codex Dicoveries

    Guidelines to submitting POIs:

    • Candidate entries should be something unique or rare. This can be anything from statistical record breakers or visually spectacular locations to places of historical interest or with interesting stories behind them.
    • A good rule of thumb is this: “Would another explorer be willing to travel thousands of LYs to visit this place?”
    • Your entry should be something you've visited personally and haven't just found by simply playing with the map whilst sat in a station somewhere (screenshots or video of your POI is essential to be even considered).
    • Name your POI, but only choose names that fit within the spirit of the game. Please no silly phrases or POIs named after your commander. For ideas you can check out the real life astronomical naming conventions, or choose something completely different if you prefer - as long as it is sensible and not like this. The GMP team reserve the right to suggest amendments.
    • No renaming of real life places or FD named places. We are only replacing procedural names. However it is acceptable to submit an entry for a real-life astronomical object under its real name.
    • All submissions should be considered as player created fiction only. If FD rename any in-game POIs for whatever reason, the GMP will follow suit and rename entries to whatever FD do.

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    Originally Posted by drkaii View Post (Source)

    Direct link: <removed - problem now fixed>

    You can fill it out right here:

    There will also be a way of doing this on discord, coming soon. Watch this space!
    Unfortunately, I think the Direct Link above is to an incorrect form. It's a form titled "Distant Stars - Unfound Origins". Not the same as the one in the screenshot in the spoiler tags.

    Edit: Thanks for the update. I removed the bad link now from my quote above.

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    Originally Posted by Tallyr View Post (Source)
    Unfortunately, I think the Direct Link above is to an incorrect form. It's a form titled "Distant Stars - Unfound Origins". Not the same as the one in the screenshot in the spoiler tags.


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    c-c-c-Combo Breaker

    Incidentally, this isn't a Codex entry discovery thing, but an interesting anecdote, one I recalled in the in-game chat this evening.

    System: Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4, planet A1 - one of the "missing" planets of Fine Ring Sector 3302.

    "Three years ago, on the first Distant Worlds, planet A1 was the first waypoint. However, due to the basic infrastructure of wing exploration being incompatible with the unstable nature of Witchspace, there were several unresolvable errors, leading to planets not showing up on star maps and refusing to be recognised by Universal Cartographics. Planet A1 was one such "missing" planet between there and Pallaeni. Today, with the advent of surface mapping probes, these rogue planets have been recaptured again and properly catalogued once more, thus removing the air of mystery they once had. Nevertheless, the story of the missing planets still fills other CMDRs with awe and wonder to this day."

    Imgur post link:

    As it was in 3302, pre-mapping.

    Twitter thread here too:

    I guess it's not really a Codex phenomena, but more of a silly tale.

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    Whoops! forgot to post here. Just did the direct link documentation. I started out taking a more direct route towards Omega, but came across a system. Had been scanned, but nothing had been mapped yet. Around the 3rd star. Near a water world were 2 notable stellar phenomena. Col 359 Sector TX-R B47-7. They were in Proto-Lagrange Clouds which did start to eat hull.

    On my Alt account CMDR PieRat

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    BLU THUA JY-I C9-9 (near Hillary Depot)

    2 Prasinus and Rubeus crystal formations in lagrange clouds within the system.

    SMOJAI SA-Y B42-0

    Water World Terraform Candidate

    Water World and it's companion moon (has an atmosphere)

    Ammonia World (first undiscovered one I'd run across.)

    PW2010 332 (Previously discovered. It has a Helium Gas Giant which is a rarity and deserved a closer look. Very close to WP2)

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    Already submitted a Codex entry on this one, but I found a great place for CMDRs to stock up on Jumponium that's roughly midway between the first two POIs. Planet with high Yttrium and Niobium content, and volcanic POIs.

    The world is Praea EUQ AR-D D 12-27: A1

    It has 5 geological POIs that seem to drop Yttrium and Niobium just about every time.

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    Found some lava spouts on the side of a cliff, check it out
    Praea EUQ US-K B8-1 3 A Geological POI (2)

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    I just found a planet with a great big white-ish spot on one side. It's quite gorgeous, and nothing like anything I've seen before.

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    I found my first lagrange clouds for the trip already. I'll look into the form later, after I've gotten some rest.

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    maybe worth looking into

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