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Thread: Console Players SRV Surface Crash Fix

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    Originally Posted by Un1k0rn View Post (Source)
    I said I hoped I was wrong.
    Maybe you could've waited a couple days until 3.3 was actually released before crying doom over ED on consoles?

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    The SRV bug never bothered me much, but I will praise any and all bug fixes, especially console-specific bugs (being a PS4 owner myself).

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    Thanks to the whole FDev team for fixing this. This makes me very happy... Just in time for some Xmas #dickingaround(TM)

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    Deadly Global Moderator stormyuk's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Autoculto View Post (Source)
    That's great news and in normal circumstances I'd thank the FDev team. So all I'll say is
    "It should never have taken you this long to fix it in the first place"
    You are not wrong, but, we have to take what we can get in console land.

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    Thank you!

    Thanks for fixing this and making such a great game!

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    Well this is good news. I wait with baited breath.

    A fix on the SRV FOV bug would also be welcomed.

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    Originally Posted by Nerix View Post (Source)
    Awesome, thanks Ed! DW2 can come.

    For every PS4 commander who wants to test that: 11.12., 19:30 UTC, Davs Hope

    My PSN ID: Nerix
    Unfortunately I can't join you on the above time, job appointment Tuesday evening... But pls test it without me, looking forward to the results. Otherwise I would be available earlier that day or same time one day later.

    cmdrs that stated there interest so far (guess more have read this and would join, I also posted it on discord DW2 fleetcom):
    CMDR labrunning
    CMDR phxhawke

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    Good news everyone!

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    That is without question the seventh best thing I've heard this year! Thank you to all the devs!

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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    Greetings Commanders,

    Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve been working on a fix for a widely-reported issue where the game would crash if multiple Commanders playing on either PS4 or Xbox One were on a planet surface in their SRV. We’re pleased to let you know that the fix will be included as part of the Beyond – Chapter Four update.

    This fix will stop the crash, but we will be keeping an eye on the issue, and will be looking to improve performance of SRVs while on surfaces in the future.

    Thanks for your patience, and feedback. Your crash and bug reports were absolutely essential in getting this fixed.


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