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Thread: frontier store recaptcha!!!

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    1. Recaptcha sucks.
    2. I do NOT agree to google's terms for using it.
    3. When it's blocked, Frontier's website fails to mention that it even needs the stupid recrapcha to log in until after you try.
    3b. Google spreads recaptcha's assets over like 4 different domains. So if any one of them is blocked, the whole thing fails spectacularly.

    Haven't touched noscript or adblock in a long time. I just block everything by default with umatrix now. I enjoy watching "professionally" made websites break.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Corlas View Post (Source)
    It does some fancy google-fu algorithm-thing to judge your "risk" of being a bot when you click the checkbox. Low enough risk, and it doesn't ask for the pictures. I wonder if those who keep getting it a lot are frequent cache-cleaners or something (using Private Browsing a lot, etc).

    Frankly, if Google thinks someone might be a bot to the degree that it shows them pictures to identify, and they fail that as well, then I'm also suspicious of their humanity. Question to you frequent-failers: Do you eat food, or do you charge your batteries?
    This - as I don't stay logged into a google account at any time and clean cache on every pc I use as soon as I've closed the browser, I get to see a lot of the captcha and recaptcha nonsense - they also don't like ad-blockers.
    It's annoying, but I'll put up with it - having worked in IT for over 30 years I won't trust Alexi, Cortanna or Siri with anything ever....

    Oh this might be of interest to some -

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    To access the store, captcha for the people who have not yet bought the game.

    For the people who have the game, it would be enough to enter a personnal confidential code, for example.

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