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Thread: Plotting a course in vr

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    Plotting a course in vr

    Hey guys i need some help. I just got a rift and i cant plot a course in vr through the galaxy map. Specifically, when i select a system and the ui box with the option to view the system map pops up, i cant seem to select that ui box to scroll through the tabs. Which button bind lets me do that?

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    Its the normal button bind for changing tabs in all the ui's. Default keys are Q & E but I imagine you'll be playing with a hotas or other controller, so the bindings you want to change are found under UI mode IIRC.

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    Ive done that but it wont scroll the tabs in that ui box. Im playing in vr and from what i can tell im not the first one to encounter this issue. In the galaxy map theres a ui box on the left to change the parameter of what the map displays but when i select a system i cant get it to jump to the new ui box. What else should i be looking at to solve that?

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    I’m using the Rift with T16000M hotas.
    I’ll post my binds up when I get home - 20 mins...


    I've highlighted the relevant Gal Map bindings in red boxes.

    You may not have this HOTAS but you should be able to achieve something similar in your set-up. Note that the UI interfaces while not directly Gal Map commands are used in Gal Map so do need to be mapped.

    I also use the mouse to zoom.

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    The regular left/right UI navigation "spills across", between the big panel on the left and the "speech bubble" one, as were they a single contigous one, so just go right (EDIT: just 'move right', not 'next tab'), and its buttons should start highlighting.

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    Got it guys thanks. It turned out to be a binding conflict. I was using the same controls for my ui navigation as i was for my gal map. Once i changed the gal map controls i was able to scroll across. Now flukes is flying again