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Thread: Lifetime Expansion Pass Holders - Update!

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    Lifetime Expansion Pass Holders - Update!

    Greetings Commanders,

    We wanted to give you an update on the Lifetime Expansion Pass (LEP) content previously mentioned in Zac's post here.

    We're pleased to announce that the wait is over! If you're a Lifetime Expansion Pass owner, read below for the details on what we'll be sending your way - and when you can expect it.

    What Lifetime Expansion Pass holders will receive:

    Alongside the Beyond - Chapter Four launch tomorrow, we will be adding a new gift bundle of store items directly onto the accounts of all Lifetime Expansion Pass owners. This bundle will include two festive bobbleheads and six all-new paint jobs.

    We'll be emailing the details of the bundle to all LEP owners as we upload them, so keep an eye on your inboxes for all the details. Each item we're sending your way is completely new and has never before been on sale, so we know that each LEP owner will get the 100% of the value from the bundle.

    We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of our Lifetime Expansion Pass holders, for their continued support, dedication and passion for Elite Dangerous!

    We will also be making the majority of the new cosmetic items from this bundle available in the store at the same time tomorrow, so non-LEP owners will be able to purchase these items from the store should they wish. Some select items from this bundle will be made available over the festive period instead.

    If there are any questions, please post them below and we'll endeavour to answer them!

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    Thanks Will, wasn't so much the value for money as when big paid-for expansions are coming (you know, the big changes, new planet-types, space legs, whatever the real future of the game is!). But still, I'll take it.

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    As a LEPer, thanks for the stuff.

    Will there be news of what's in store for 2019, soon?

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    Will we have a choice of which paintjobs we receive? It would be nice to receive paintjobs for ships we have or want to have rather than it just happens we receive paintjobs for ships we don't have or never want to have.

    Regards o7

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    That's pretty sweet. I do hope the skins are nice ones

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Thanks, Will.

    Which ship(s) are the paint jobs for?

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    Woohoo! Stuff!

    About those festive bobbleheads, what I'd really like is a tool to rip out decorations when they start driving me insane and the next port with outfitting is several thousand light-years away

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    I actually LOL'd

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    Thanks Frontier!
    Have a wonderful winter solstice.

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    The only bobbleheads that would get on any of my ships, would be Hula Girl or nodding dog. Winston (Churchill or Dodo) the dog, of course.

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    Elite Global Moderator Jenner's Avatar
    Great news! Thanks for the update, and for keeping original backers in mind.

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    Does this mean that is it for Elite? No more expansions?

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    Originally Posted by CMDR MRMAURICE View Post (Source)
    Does this mean that is it for Elite? No more expansions?
    It means you have to wait a bit longer for the expansions.

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    Would have preferred something thicker (some kind of sneak peek preview access to future content, like new type of landable planet tied to exclusive module), but thanks for the fluff, sorry stuff, nonetheless

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    As a LEP holder, I thank you for the freebies underwhelming as they are and to then sell the items on the shop well I'm less than impressed but I do wonder what will happen in the future. When are paid expansions coming back? Are they coming back? as if they're not we are still being left well out of pocket. I love the game but we need answers now as I and others have been asking for a long while now without any real response.

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