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Thread: Thank you - a note on the beta, the launch and your valuable feedback

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    Thank you - a note on the beta, the launch and your valuable feedback

    Greetings Commanders,

    While the team are busy getting tomorrow’s massive update ready for launch, we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you, and explain how your feedback and time spent in the beta is helpful to us.

    During the beta process we pay great attention to the bug report forum, and other discussion areas, to identify issues and problems and assign priorities. We work as hard as we can to fix hundreds of reported bugs, with a focus on those that affect the largest number of players, or stop the game from working.

    Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Four is by far the biggest update of the Beyond season, and maybe our biggest update ever in terms of game-changing enhancements to core systems at the heart of Elite Dangerous. For that reason, your bug reports, feedback in the forum, on social media, and on livestreams have been incredibly important.

    Your participation is important, as it allows us to test the following:

    • Compatibility: The huge amount of variation in PC components and setups is impossible to recreate in house, so having thousands of Commanders play allows us to shake out any issues caused by the many different hardware/software combinations
    • Server stress testing: It’s invaluable having thousands of commanders downloading and playing the game at once; it allows us to see how the servers will stand up, and potentially catch and fix any issues before launch
    • Balance and tweaks: We try our best to ensure new features are balanced (within themselves, and when compared to other parts of the game) – the beta allows us to see where there may be tweaks needed, and react accordingly
    • Feature feedback: Beta is a great opportunity to see how commanders get on with the new features, and gives us time to react accordingly to any pertinent feedback

    We’re already working on a patch that will follow shortly after launch, which will include a few changes and tweaks including a rebuff of the Mamba. We’ll have more details on the statistics of the Mamba after launch, but we thank you for your patience while we’re incorporating that change.

    Those of you who participated in the beta have probably already seen most of the gameplay changes we’ve incorporated based on feedback you left on the forums. As a recap, we’d like to point out a few of the key changes below:

    • We increased mining payouts
    • We made it so probes would be infinite when using the FSS exploration mechanics
    • We changed specific bindings for entering and exiting the FSS
    • The Discovery Scanner became a free built-in module
    • A ‘number of bodies’ message was added to the information message when using the energy pulse
    • The ability to find ‘notable signals’ when using the FSS was added
    • Made it so notable signals persist outside of Analysis Mode
    • We derestricted passenger ship internal slots
    • We added a HUD notification about ship lights being on

    The full list of changes will be available in the patch notes on launch day (11 December).

    Thank you again for being with us on this incredible journey. We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Four when it launches on 11 December.

    The Elite Dangerous team

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    Thank you Edward and whole Elite Dangerous team.

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    Thank you, Ed.

    I'd like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to test things before chapter 4 is out. There is a much to learn so we are right now not handicapped when it hits live servers. Also thank you for listen to feedback and what players think should get changed. We really do pricieate little things that just makes our gameplay easier. Beta was for sure needed, and it was fun too. I just can't wait for tomorrow. I hope servers won't burn down from downloading .

    Also I can't wait to hear what do you guys have for us for next years .


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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    Greetings Commanders,
    • We added a HUD notification about ship lights being on

    THANK.... GOD....

    But seriously, Thank you and the team for all your hard work!

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    You also numbered the planetary POI - which is awesome

    I'm sure the naysayers will be over with their pitchforks once they've finished on the leper thread to tell you that you didn't listen at all, which will all be rather ironic, if a tad annoying

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Robert Maynard's Avatar
    Thanks, Ed (and The Team)!

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

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    Elite Global Moderator Ozric's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    We added a HUD notification about ship lights being on

    Thanks a lot Ed and the whole team for their work. Good luck for tomorrow.

    p.s Who's going to be pushing the big red button?

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    Will the fifth Mamba sold in game have a unique name and ID of "Mamba #5"?

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    Thanks. It was great getting to grips with all the new mechanics. Looking forward to seeing the patch notes and of course getting hold of the update. Well done guys and gals.

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    Thank you Edward and whole Elite Dangerous team.

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    Thank you for all the hard work! May Elite Dangerous and those who work on it continue to thrive long into the future :-)

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    Thanks for all your hard work, i look forward to the release tomorrow it cannot come quickly enough

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    What about the guy who posted about health problems with the new FSS? Did you address that? I think that you should update the community regarding this. Thanks.

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    Well done Ed and everyone at FD, I was incredibly honoured and excited to have a sneak preview of Q4 at Frontier's offices earlier in the year, loved what I experienced in the time I spent in beta and am really looking forward to it all being in the live game tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to explain how the beta feedback can provide additional info not easily determined in house and for taking some of that feedback on board. Elite: Dangerous continues to go from strength to strength. About to embark on my 5th year of the game and still loving every minute of it!


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