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Thread: assassination missions targets bugged

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    assassination missions targets bugged

    Time of occurrence
    roughly 0315




    Ship Type
    Krait mkii and vulture

    When dropping into assassination targets in a signal source there is either two of the target ship with same commander name where one can be destroyed as the mission target and the other doesnt respond unless attacked or the target spawns and doesnt show at the target despite being in the correct signal source and having the name of the target.

    I have killed the target three times now with no result and the signal source respawns as the mission target when you jump out

    Steps to Reproduce
    Take any assassination mission since update and they have all had one of the above issues for me

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    Hi Chuffy,

    Thanks for your report. I've passed it on for further investigation.

    Fly safe, Commander o7

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    Hi there,

    Can I check if you're still experiencing this issue after the latest update (Thurs 24th Jan).

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    I'm having this same issue. 3 missions already.