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Thread: Squadron has no leader

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    Squadron has no leader

    IP Protocol

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    12th December 2018


    None / N/A



    Ship Type

    Commander Name
    Eid LeWeise

    I bought the Lave Radio Network squadron as cmdr Eid LeWeise since the Lave Radio account before Chapter 4 was just used to give us a private group...

    I then handed off ownership to the squadron to the "Lave Radio" account (Leave Squadron, and nominated Lave Radio to be the Leaded)

    Steps to Reproduce
    Eid created and paid for the squadron
    Lave Radio joined the squadron
    Eid left the squadron and hands ownership to Lave Radio
    Lave Radio Logged in and saw that it was "good"
    Eid Joined the Squadron
    Lave Radio made Eid a Director
    Rodent joins the Squadron
    Lave Radio Logs in
    Lave Radio tries to promote Rodent to CEO
    Lave Radio is "denied"
    Ben thinks
    Ben looks and sees that Lave Radio is only a Director!
    Ben realizes that LRN has no Leader
    Apparently Cmdr Whoeva who is a Director Demotes Lave Radio from Leader to Director

    Please Note that in LRN the roles are:

    Leader - 2nd Tech
    Deputy - CEO
    Officers - Director

    Additional files?

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    btw I'd appreciate it if as a "quick fix" someone can apply some dev magic to promote Lave Radio ( to the 2nd Tech Rank , because right now certain British political parties have more of a leader than we (officially) do :D

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    Hey EidLeWeise,

    Thanks for your report - We are currently looking into this one for you :)

    Stay safe out there o7