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Thread: Conflict Zones are empty

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    Thank you for the reports folks, we've notified the team!

    In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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    Chiming in on the reporting train, still seeing empty CZs and those that only spawn "side quest" targets (spec ops, captains etc).

    There are a lot of interesting peculiar things I noticed btw:

    1. When in wing or multicrew, NPCs might actually start spawning after 2-3 minutes, so they are not eternally empty. This is probably due to long pings/synchronisation problems between the players, since: If I go to a CZ alone, I am unable to reproduce this behaviour. either the NPCs spawn within 20 seconds, or nothing happens at all.
    2. As already reported by others, sometimes only the "side quest" targets spawn. However, if you select a faction and finish the side quest, there is a chance that all the normal ships start spawning thereafter. But then again, this doesn't happen all the time, and sometimes completing the side quest will leave you with an empty/dead CZ again.
    3. Sometimes, for some reason, ships of the same faction start shooting each other when all opposing ships are momentarily defeated. It's usually limited to a duel, and the rest of the factions' ships won't shoot any of the two duelists. The duelists will fight to the death. Furthermore, as long as that duel is ongoing, no more enemy ships will spawn until one of those two dies.
    4. Sometimes, enemies will just stop spawning without the intra-faction "duel" described above happening. When that happens, no amount of waiting will help, and I haven't found a way to get the CZ going again. You can only abandon it at that point.

    All of the above scenarios have been experienced by me and my friends multiple times - if we could get any ships to spawn at all, that is.

    Last but not least, while winging up doesn't seem to affect the chance of NPCs spawning for me, multicrew seems to drastically increase the amount of empty CZs, something you might want to take a look at too.

    Please do tell me if I should turn any of the above into seperate bug reports.

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    I went to the Paresa system to join in with the CG fighting Nova Imperium. Aside from one Medium, there's nothing in any of the CZs in that system today or yesterday. Obviously in which case I can't contribute to the CG.

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    I'm seeing plenty of populated CZ's. The problem is the ally side goes hostile after I kill one or two enemies.

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    For me I now have to log out to main menu and then back again for best chance of CZ spawning. Hope they figuires this out soon.

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    Pachanwen player minor faction civil war. Big wreckage cloud around cz marker, 1 rescue ship from another system faction. Nothing more.

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick message to let you know that we've introduced a server-side fix that should now allow Conflict Zones to properly populate. If you still encounter the issue, please let us know here!

    Thank you for your patience.
    Good to know.

    And by the way does the patch fix neverending conflicts? I've been to a few systems, smashed thousands of ships in those CZ's and conflict sides were always locked at same level despite my hard efforts to tip the balance.

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    Same here, been in 6 different CZ all the same just a debris field. This was after the server side patch today.

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    The not being able to declare and speed of light CZ are back with a vengeance too

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    Many problems in CZ, empty ones all the time, sometimes only spaen the special forces squadrons. You must check the scripts i believe they´re bugged in wing or MC. Sometimes all ships got enemies even our friendly side, we didn´t hit any friendly ship. When farragut spawns sometimes CZ stop spawning enemies, many times if you help farragut killing enemies the kidd doesnt count.
    So a lot of work here many bugs still remain. You should revamp conflict zones with more mini missions, and maybe put more scenarios on them not just spawn ships. Put the CZ in structures or asteroid fields please, Regards.

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    Originally Posted by ME-tan View Post (Source)
    I'm seeing plenty of populated CZ's. The problem is the ally side goes hostile after I kill one or two enemies.
    I got that yesterday so in the interests of self preservation (I'm in a lightly engineered Cobra) I jumped out. Dropped back again and ------ nothing, had the CZ all to myself.

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    CZs empty after winning first battle and jumping out and in.

    IP Protocol

    Date & Time of Occurrence


    None / N/A



    Ship Type

    Commander Name
    Fenyl de Lechia

    After winning the battle in CZ jumping out and in allows you to choose side again, but zone remains empty.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Jump into CZ,
    Choose side and win the battle,
    Jump out to SC,
    Jump back to CZ, which will be empty.

    Additional files?

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    I had this a few days ago by Omega Mining. Couldn't figure out if they were on a timer or what. Tried low-waking out a few ls until I got "leaving conflict zone" (which was weird in its own right) and coming back; that didn't work. Just seemed to sort of reset on its own after an indeterminate period of time.

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    Back in Beta I was told they refill after 20-25 minutes, and it is working as intended - did you wait that long?

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    After winning the battle CZs respawn in 10 maybe 15 minutes. I wasn't paying attention parked on the edge of the zone and busy reading the Forum. Once back the enemy ships automatically go red. Another solution is to find a system with lots of desired REZ/CZs then fly back and forth between them. I've had thee all within 100 LS. No waiting for combat.