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Thread: Buggiest update ever

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    Originally Posted by Deadlock-3000 View Post (Source)
    I couldn't give a monkey's about the FSS beyond the fact that it's hilariously bad, both on an actual gameplay level and in terms of how it makes any sense for a galactic society.

    And yeah, it was you that triggered it, so take your own advice. Or you could just go on again about your military service, like one of those Yorkshiremen who can't stop reminding you about the existence of Yorkshire.

    Anyway, how many working days has it been since the buggiest patch of all time dropped? You'd think the most egregious ones would have been hot-fixed.
    Well, it's really just a matter of opinion. You're entitled to yours. And for a limited time, a bonus! You're entitled to mine.

    IMO Yorkshire is a myth. Perhaps a legend, depending on your view.

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    Originally Posted by Riverside View Post (Source)
    I think you did that Old Duck
    I was going to debate this statement, but it actually made me chuckle. I'm not sure if it means you're right or I'm just in a good mood...

    Anyway, let's talk about BUGS, the one thing we might all actually agree on

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    Originally Posted by Ratkatcher View Post (Source)
    Oh, maybe the return of old & outdated (now redundant) equipment that was 'forcibly' removed to make way for the current system? I do recall, dimly, at least one post in the forum expecting it to be returned in the first patch. It is an ancient memory now, but wasn't that device given a ridiculous name - something like 'Advanced Discovery Scanner' , an odd name for something so basically simple, but I may misremember its actual title
    I liked it, I used it a lot & I think a lot of people still would want to equip one if it were still available, and exploration would be no worse off if it has been retained.

    Much like the introduction of Engineers and engineered NPCs in 2.1 it was a contentious, arguably bold move on FDevs part. However I saw a benefit to the features introduced in 2.1 and although the NPC challenge increased nothing was removed, the original game could still be player (it was just a bit harder to kill NPCs).

    As I have said earlier in this thread this release has not been the best, it seems like a bit of a rush job. No doubt the bugs will be ironed out eventually, but the design choices need to be too. It could have been much, much better than it was, and the problems have continued well into the new year now.

    ETA as Old Duck highlights, a great deal has been written about one of these design choices in other threads.

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    Originally Posted by Riverside View Post (Source)
    No doubt the bugs will be ironed out eventually
    I have plenty of doubt. I don't make signature banners for recently-introduced bugs....

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    Originally Posted by Delmonti View Post (Source)
    Yeah..... The CZ fix.... You know, that bug that made CZ's completely broken is now fixed. Didnt hear about it? Didnt you read the professional 'Community Managers' announcement? Well, if you open THIS thread, page 8, towards the bottom, you'll find the message.

    Maybe we should add "Bug fixing announcements" to the FSS scanner.
    Ah, the fix. That went well.