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Thread: Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

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    Very early after launch. No clue what I am doing, had managed to upgrade to a Cobra and got froggy enough to go explore the Eagle nebula area. No money, mediocre modules, did it anyways. Most fun I have had trying to figure it all out and not die. After that I was hooked. To this day, I am the most happy when out in the black.

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    Being there when Redwizard presented the then Unknown Artefact in game for the first time. Spooky. Exciting. And utterly mysterious. Totally unforgettable moment not just from Elite Dangerous and Frontier, but since I first played a computer game, which happens to have been an old wire frame space game back in Ď84. Thank you to David Braben.

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    My fondest memory is when Paige Harvey and I nerded out to Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb. Not only has the Frontier support team and the community managers been steller, you got a rockin' lady on the community management team!

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    We played the original Elite on the ZX Spectrum 48k and Commodore 64k. I say we as we played it two player style. One was the pilot thus had the joystick while the other was co-pilot doing all the targeting and firing of missiles, ECMs, and of course the Energy Bomb. Plus all the other keyboard stuff.

    What stands out in my memories is docking with some station and seeing "incoming Missile" and spamming the ECM key in a panic, before we both realise it says "Incoming Message" - in the same place as the missile warning. A deliberate ploy no doubt. The complete surprise of having a mission was mind blowing.

    Although as I'm typing this. I remember playing on my Spectrum and I had docked in a station, and left it on over night. To my utter surprise was a screen saying that due be a long term resident of the station I was being awarded with some made up honour or status, I can't remember the details now. Never saw it again, nor heard of it from anyone else.

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    I signed up just to share this.. Zoo Tycoon. I spent countless hours playing Zoo Tycoon (and Kinectimals... and RCT3) with my son. He has always had an enormous love for animals (We even got tickets to see Jeff Corwin live, and he wrote him a letter to give to him at the event) - He started playing Zoo tycoon (the original) before he could even read! He would build enormous zoos and then let all the animals out and just laugh! He lived and breathed Zoo tycoon for a loooong time. Then you released the xbox version and of course, we had to get it! And again, spent so much time playing it! So thank you for giving myself and my family great games that allowed us to spend so much quality time together and give us great memories!

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    Jumping into Pleione in the Argent's Quest and seeing the ??? contact on the scanner on FFE, probably sounds silly but it was a real rush moment.

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    I'm new to the elite serious. In the short time I have been playing I have more memories with this game then most other multiplayer games. Alot of fun times with friends dueling or playing cooperatively on wing missions. My biggest memory is playing in VR and falling asleep mid hyperspace jump and waking up crashing into a star. Good times!

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    Being right the way out towards the edge of the Galaxy, about as far as you could get in an AspX before engineering, sitting on a moon orbiting a ringed gas giant and looking at the whole galaxy. I felt awestruck, a very long way from home and just a bit overwhelmed. A moment I'll never forget.

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    The first time my canopy blew, I was a Rookie fighting in a combat zone, flying an un-engineered Vulture by myself. I knew I wanted to pick off enemy ships out in the fringe, but after a few minutes became disoriented and found a half-dozen ships firing on me near the center of the zone. I switched all power to engines, a little to shields and boosted away. My shields came down fast. Suddenly my canopy began to crackle and then the air blew out of the cockpit with a swoosh. Life support kicked in and the countdown began. My heart was racing. I was on comms with friends who were racing to help, but they hadn't arrived in time. I had not upgraded my life support systems and the timer ticked off the seconds, 5:00; 4:59; 4:58...

    My wing-mates calmed me down (a little) and offered advice. I targeted another system (the first one on my list) to avoid mass lock and high-waked it out of there. My hull was down to 36%. Panicked, I asked where to go. I needed a system with a station near the entry point. By the time they found a nearby system, and I selected it on the galaxy map, I only had 2-3 minutes of air. I flipped the the FSD switch and fled to the station. Once in supercruise, I had to stand up to try and see out the front because the HUD couldn't be fully displayed on the jagged hole in the glass cockpit. Leaning left and right to see out the window, and using the radar I was able to keep the station targeted and avoid the loop of shame, gripping my throttle and adjusting pitch and yaw with my joystick. As I entered normal space and approached the station, the sound of the station chief was muffled. I requested docking permissions, rushing full speed as my oxygen timer counted down with something like 8 seconds left. My ship exploded in glorious fashion within arms-length of the hangar bay.

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    Well, firstly thank you for Elite in all its incarnations over the years, the best and fondest memories I have of gaming.

    I actually bought this Ďnew space simí game in 1984 for my BBC model b (that I convinced my parents I needed to help with my electronics and electrical engineering diploma at college, yeah right).

    I remember going to a specialist computer shop hoping they would have a copy in and they did.

    Getting home there was so much in the box, back then you actually got more than a health and safety leaflet. I think there was a novella, a welcome commander book, ship guide, key template? and a card, where if you managed to get to Elite rank you could send off for a T-shirt (note - still have it. It no longer fits, smells funny and looks a bit tatty but I canít get rid of it).

    When I started playing I was hooked . . . and so was my family. Those days we only had one tv so if I was playing it everyone sat watching me playing it. Some weekends Iíd play for 10 or 12 hours (it didnít matter, my parents were social animals and enjoyed the pub so didnít mind) and go to sleep with starfields spinning behind my eyelids

    I remember the sheer panic of being confronted by a thargoid for the first time. The frustration of docking and then the delight at how fast I could dock as I continued playing.

    The graphics were unlike anything Iíd seen before, the sense of flying through space was incredible and I adored the game, still do.

    The best bit was finally reaching that Elite rank. Iíd been playing when I stepped away; pee break, drink, food not sure but one of them, only to come back and my brother said ďI just blew up a ship and it said ĎRight on commanderíĒ. Obviously I blew my top, that was mine, I wanted to get that, why did he spoil it. Aaarrrggghh

    Anyway, loaded the game back in, thinking Iíll blow up another ship and get the Elite rank through my own endeavours. Blew up a ship, nothing. Blew up another, nothing. It took an age (well another couple of hours) before I got the Elite rank, but I did and it felt good.

    Anyway, I just have really fond memories of playing the original Elite and itís sequels and was straight in with my money when the Kickstarter program was announced for the new game. Thank you for one of if not the greatest games Iíve ever played, and at 51 Iíve played a LOT.

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    Fondest memory must be playing Elite on my C64, lights off with full Moon shining through my room window. I was 'sun skimming' and decided to follow an NPC ship, so I flew right next to them, matched speed & viewed them at side view. Then I realised the Moon was getting darker on one side, it turned out to be a full eclipse that night. Watched the whole spectacle while flying along with the NPC all the time.

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    Playing the original Elite on a Commodore 64 in about 1985 and obtaining the docking computer allowing much easier access into the stations finally and all to the music of the Blue Danube

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    When I played far enough on the original BBC version to realise that the secret missions were actually real! And being hyperdicted by Thargoids for the first time. And then getting my cousin to work out the trading routes while I flew and did the combat. I still suck at trading so nothing has changed

    It was light years ahead of its time, so many happy memories. Thank you David and Frontier, here's to the next 25!

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    First contact with alien lifeform, thargoid ship. It came as a total shock as it occured during jump between stars. After interdicting, alone in dark space, no power, strange sounds and alien in sight disappearing then into vastness of space.
    "What just happened? " mostly in mind.
    Sounds are cherry on the top in Elite.

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    It makes no sense to talk about individual Frontier games. Frontier is a solid project of several great games that will suit both your little child and an honorable grandfather. I hope that your projects will develop further.