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Thread: Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

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    My fondest memory would be the day I discovered Elite: Dangerous. I bought it through an XBox Live promotion and was blown away. Being a huge fan of astronomy and cosmology, this game was EXACTLY what I was dreaming of since I was a little kid. I love this game dearly and applaud those that have poured their heart, soul, and talents into making it and maintaining it. Cheers to Frontier on their "birthday"!

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    As an old timer (i was 16 at this moment) from Elite 1984, the dream continues with Elite Dangerous. Above and beyond for the new era. Thanks a lot FDEV for the journey

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    My fondest memory is being an 11 year old kid eagerly saving up to buy the original 1984 version of Elite for the BBC model B. I'd stop in at the shop on my way home from school and look at the box and manuals. Once I finally got it, it took 7 minutes to load from tape drive but it was well worth it! I still have the manual and novella. Fast forward 30 years and I had the same eager anticipation waiting for Elite: Dangerous!

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    The biggest moment for me was realizing the size and scope of Elite Dangerous. As an amateur astronomer, many of the locations in Elite are places I've seen in real life through a telescope, or taken images of. But that first time I realized that, hey , I can actually go to these places....that was a special moment for me in Elite. And two and half years later, it still is something special.

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    My best memory is from the time I bought my first Asp Explorer, and almost immediately went exploring the core of our galaxy. Seeing all the stars is such a pretty sight and really made an impact on me. I truly love Elite.

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    Docking contests with my brother and wife (when she could still see well enough) on the original Elite.

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    30+ years ago, my dad, sister and I would sit down in front of the house TV, pop a tape in the player for the old Commodore 64 and play Elite. We took turns taking CMDR Jameson out for spins in his Cobra, while the others watched. Our efforts comprised hauling goods around or popping by Riedquat for some pirate hunting. We struggled with Trumbles until someone (probably dad) figured out to get rid of them when fuel scooping. There are some fond memories there including first time docking without a docking computer, and fighting off thargoids.

    Years later I had been playing through Frontier and First Encounters, having enjoyed the games but somehow feeling they fell short of the original. That feeling was blasted away when I, after donating a horrendous amount of CR to someones memory, was handed a prototype ship and sent out to the Pleiades to find... a single thargon floating in silence. That was some of the most intense gaming experiences I have ever had.

    And then a few years ago, as the kickstarter for Elite Dangerous ended and we moved into Alpha, that original Elite feeling was awoken again as I docked a Sidewinder at Eravate. It was beautiful. Just for old times sake, I upgraded it to a Cobra Mk III (took forever, you youngsters don't know anything about hardships!), added a docking computer and leaned back in my chair with a silly grin as the little oyster shell tumbled through the mail slot to the tune of Blue Danube.


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    The most fun, exhausting and facinating journey i have ever made:
    A colonia run.
    We had two rules: we go as fast as the slowest member of the group, and no friendly fire.

    We started off in the bubble and had a jump range of about 20ly so it took us a while to get there but man, we went to black holes, nebulas, waterworlds, planets close to the sun to make some amazing screenshots, and so on.
    The person with the smallest jump range was upfront, and we gave him the name "Captain canary" and that name sticked to him for a loooong time xD . The journey took us about 4/5 months? We did a 4+ hour stream every Friday evening called "Friday Night Shenanigans". Sometimes on Saturday's but that's the reason why we took so long
    When we got close to Colonia, we heard that thargoids started to attack outside and inside the bubble. So we decided once we reach Colonia, we will sell all the exploration data, explore it a little bit, and then get the hell outta doge to help out and fight the targoids! We did took the neutron highway back succesfully, each on their own.

    Once back in the bubble, we grouped up and fought the targoids!

    Thanks to IanDLive, Smiter1983 and scotsdragon54 for the amazing journey!

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    my first memory of elite is going back to 1984 on a sinclair spectrum and one of my fondest memories is my first docking in Ed 30 years later, i was moving the free look like a kid to try to see everything at once.

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    The first time i started elite:dangerous in VR it's so much more immersive than on a screen

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    My best experience in ED was returning to the bubble to cash in my data following a loop around the core. That sentence alone makes it seem a mundane task but there was a little more to it.

    When I started the game I promised myself I would re-earn my Acornsoft badge (see my avatar pic), earned for reaching Elite in the original game. IIRC you had to do it within the first year, & send off a postcard (included in the box) with a code the game supplied.

    I started on 13th Jan 2015, and by August was Combat Elite, so I gave myself a stretch target of reaching Triple Elite before the 13th Jan 2016.
    By Mid December 2015 I got my Trade Elite & was about half way through Pioneer for Exploration. I had time for one big trip, needed a little over 40mCr and on a previous trip to SagA* I'd earned 30m (mostly honking & scooping) so I knew what it was going to take, and roughly how long it would take.

    With hindsight I didn't have to go to such extremes, but I wanted the fastest ship in the game, just to make sure I could get back from wherever I went in time.

    I looped around the outer core (the really bright bit), mostly searching for black holes and O&B class stars until I realised that I wasn't sure how much cash I'd earned & if it wasn't enough I needed to allow time for another trip, so I called a friend for help. It's the only time in my ED 'career' I've ever felt I couldn't do something alone, but a lot was riding on this, I had to make it back in one piece, I had to have enough and I couldn't wait.

    I was in a 40ly Conda with a 1d distro & a 3a PP. No weapons, minimal shield, fastest ship in the game (this was before engineers) If I got attacked by a single NPC there would be nothing I could do but put four pips to shields & wait for the FSD to charge.

    I needed a wingmate. Considering what I had riding on that trip I wanted an armarda but I have a few PvP buddies & one agreed to fly out to an agreed rendezvous system outside the bubble, in a fully equipped PvP Python.

    I travelled 10,000ly in the time it took for him to get his solid hunk of metal out to meet me, I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've ever impressed a PvPer with just how much ground it was possible to cover.

    We met up in supercruise, winged up & jumped into the destination system where I had left my gunrunner Cobra MkIII (the other fastest ship in the game, weaponless but unkillable) & travelled the most uneventful 500ls, sweat literally pouring off my brow, my wingmate wondering what all the fuss was about

    I made it into dock, switched ships & bid my buddy thanks & farewell as I left his Python far behind.

    I got the Triple Elite within a year, with a week to spare. As best experiences go I imagine I'm unlikely to top that.

    Original post:
    Best experience in Elite

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    Trying desperately to get the code right using the lenslok on my spectrum 48k.

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    A great and scary memory would be trying to do the "dock without station rotate enabled" I was in a cutter(god that was a bad choice) so I turned it off and entered the station. Heaven help me I sure wasn't drunk but anyone in the station trying to watch that massive machine land had to think the pilot was 3 sheets to the moon and back. I was all over the place. Left and right and back and forth. 2 minutes turn into 5 minutes turn into 7 minutes before getting stuck in some of the stairs or other parts of the station. I wedged myself in there so good I couldn't get out without causing ship damage. Finally had to log out to get out of it and promised myself NEVER AGAIN would I turn that simple lovely option off.

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    My fondest memory of the Elite series was back in 1993 when I saw a letter sent to the computer mag Atari ST Format. Yes we got all our news monthly in paper format ( no internet for us back then)

    Well the letter was sent in by one David Hollis (I'm sure he won't mind be giving his name), it was about the formation of a club for people that played Frontier Elite II and was going to be called the Panther Owners Group or POG for short.
    I thought that the idea for a group was a good one but having it need you to own a Panther Clipper to join was not so good so I wrote to him to tell him so.

    Fast forward 26 years and many lan parties (home and professional), selling disc mags (POG, ST+) and the paper based ST+ as well as computer show as store holders.

    We are still good mates and still have our love for Elite and still have the Panther Owners Group running (privately but its still here), possibly making it the oldest running Elite fan group!

    Elite has brought a large number of my current friends and family together so I know I've already won.

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    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    Fondest memory? Jeez that's a tough one.

    I was an original '84 BBC micro Elite player so I have definite (but alas now vague) memories of first opening that black box containing the Dark Wheel, the Gazetteer, the star map and ship identification guide and more besides - such riches! Oh ... this was gonna be good! (and so it proved to be). Those memories are actually so poignant that if I dwell on them I fear I may actually weep.

    Fondest memory? I guess it has to be this.
    Yo Al, what's this? No mention of the buckyball race at FX17????