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Thread: Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

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    Seeing Elite running on a BBC Model B back in 1984 with hidden line removal on the ships was awe inspiring at the time. I then bought the game on the Acorn Electron cassette version, only to find feature like suns missing from the game. But the graceful joy of following a Python into the station was awe inspiring at the time. As for the trumbles, (tribbles in all but name). Carrying food once you had trumbles in the ship was a waste of time as the cute little bundles of joy would eat any food in the cargo hold. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to take down a pirate with a trumble sitting smack dab in the middle of the view screen.

    As for getting rid of the little so and so's, I remember having to fly close to the sun as the heat killed them off. But if even one was left alive when you flew away from the sun, they would begin to multiply all over again.

    I can't remember if trumbels were on the Electron version or not, but I went on to own Elite on the C64 and Amiga.

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    I first played Elite back in 1984 on the my BBC Master. It was one of the first games I bought (after typing in lots of game code from magazines). After a few weeks struggling with docking using a keyboard (I never resorted to buying the Docking Computer), I started researching joysticks. All of the "official" ones at the time for the BBC were all digital, they were either fully on in the direction or off. However, Dragon (another early home computer company) were marketing a joystick for their system that was wired as RS232 serial, the same standard that was on the BBC, but just with a different connector. So I bought one, purchased a standard RS232 plug component from Maplins and re-wired the Dragon joystick to fit the Beeb. It worked a treat!. Not only was it fully analogue, but it did NOT self-centre so I could line up the letter box of the station, match rotation and then just power forward straight through the slot. It was amazing.

    Now I play one Elite Dangerous (I backed from the kickstarter days) and I have HOTAS both for PC (X52) and PS4 (T-Flight) and every time I dock in a station I think back to those days on the Beeb.

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    Traveling 200 light years and entering orbit for the first time into an icy rocky world during the night on board a Type-6 with an Oculus. An awesome and breathtaking experience.

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    My fondest memory was the very first time I went bounty hunting in a wing with two friends I'd introduced to Elite Dangerous Horizons! 2nd best was the supportive attitudes of the members in the forums, especially after experiencing the toxic environments of forums for some other games not to be mentioned here!

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    When time does not matter

    Originally Posted by Dipstick60 View Post (Source)
    I remember back in 1989 I was working shifts. just wanted to do a few runs playing the original ELITE, so logged in and started playing - my wife and daughters came back from school in the afternoon and I was still sat there, in my pjs wondering why they were home so early
    That's a great analogy for a great game, I remember getting home from school & skipping my home work to play Elite on C64, only to see the next mornings sun light and ended up doing my home work on the bus

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    I ordered the commodore 64 version of elite in 1984, i was 14, having played elite on bbc model b at school, from the back of a magazine cant rememeber which, after saving up pocket money, it was preordered i think, anyways we got a letter on the date it was supposed to come out, they said something along the lines of we cant supply you with the game but will send it A.S.A.P. i didnt know what that was, i said to my mum there going to send me a game called asap, i dont know what it is. think it took about 2 days and someone we know told us what it meant, still sort of wish i could have played A.S.A.P. some mysterious game i had no clue what it would be like. anyways, elite finally came, and i was the first person in my school to get to elite, took me months, was so proud of myself.

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    Having played 'Elite' on a friend's BBC computer I asked my parents to buy it for my Christmas present. Just opening the box and seeing the manual and novella gave me a rush! I played it endlessly on my Sinclair Spectrum 48k. I knew that it was a special game because I discovered that my younger brother was secretly playing it, and had his own save cassette! I'd never had the feeling that I was 'there' before when playing a game (even if it was in Space) and the sense of being able to forge your own path was tremendously exciting.

    I'll always remember my Dad calling my Mum over to have a look at the graphics as I was playing. It was the star field rushing towards the ship (and to the left, right and behind) that impressed them. That Elite caught the attention of my family as well as me, is what will always stay with me.

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    My fondest memory of all would have to be, going out on looong trip to the monkeyhead nebula. Scanning systems as i went. Then eventually back to what i call my homesystem via the seagull nebula and several others. Especially the 2 mentioned by name were both an amazing sight to see and once you get close enough,easy to see why exactly they are named that.
    Then upon my return home and i handed in the data to universal carthographics, i also found out there were quite a few systems, especially at the monkeyhead, that were still undiscovered. Which ment i was the 1st ever to have been there.

    SO! All in all, i got to see some spectacular sights and make a permanent mark (discovered by) on that region of space.

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    Fondest Frontier memory? Beyond any shadow of a doubt, happened in Elite Dangerous. Discovered my first High-G world out in the Deep Black... And proceeding to splash across it's rocky surface after(rather hideously) botching the landing and misjudging how fast I was going.

    A strangely hilarious experience for reasons that elude my grasp.

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    I have no great tale to tell. I spent the last 4 years in a multi-player game, try as hard as I might, the best efforts were doomed because you had to rely on 14 other teammates and RNG. When a friend turned me onto ED, I was amazed by the amount of ways to pursue the game.
    At first I was doing missions in the bubble, then one day zoomed out on the galaxy map, found some random star and decided to go there. Now its great to run into systems, that I've already scanned, and see my gamertag attached! Boom! Now I'm hooked on exploration!
    The other day I leapt into a 93 body system, and was thankful for the recent game update, because 93 bodies!
    Glad I found this game, glad there is a helpful community.

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    I haven’t been playing ED for very long, but I originally started playing so I could interact with my friend from Thailand. If I had to pick one memory as my favorite, I would have to say: we were at Aulin station, getting ready to dock our multi-crew ship (asp-x) but we forgot to request permission... whoops, we passed the slot when the flight director started yelling at us. My friend began quickly turning around while cursing in Thai, I was laughing to hard to help. We finally managed to make it out of the station and since then we’ve been very careful to request permission before docking.

    O7 CMDRs

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    I just can't get enough of the immersion that Elite Dangerous offers. It really indulges my love for space and science fiction. I think my fondest memory was first getting away from Eravate and LHS 3447 in search of a more permanent home. The experience was quite exhilarating, the 200LY journey felt so massive at the time in my T6 Transporter. It's funny now looking back, especially because I can make that journey in 5 jumps now. The game's scale and ever-evolving story never ceases to offer up moments like that and that's what I love about it. Even after buying my Anaconda I still have so much to look forward to.

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    The first time I saw one of these Up close, I pooped my pants!!

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    Elite Dangerous. My first jump, facing a giant sun... magic !

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    It's actually fairly recent: I was participating in the 3.3 beta, and the first thing I did was put my Asp in storage and bought & kitted out a Cobra MKlll. It's without a doubt, my favorite ship in the game. I hadn't flown one for a very long time and I had so much fun getting back in and joyriding around the station, then off to test out the new features. It really felt like coming home.
    So, I broke down, bought a 2nd account, and while I'll be flying my main in DW2, I'll be keeping this new pilot in my favorite Elite ship.