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Thread: Competition: Your Fondest Frontier Memory!

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    Originally Posted by Ren Solsen View Post (Source)
    For a year my brother tried to convince me to try ED out. He is a great pilot and I was always okish at best at any game, so when he said the game was hard to master because of its realistic flight model I wasn't convinced I could make something out of it. I only have time for 1 game, it needs to full-fill me completely. I finally gave in. I nerded all over its galaxy simulation... couldn't resist the sheer scale and lore.

    So my memory is of those first few flights with the Sidewinder. Trying to master docking, cursing at the rotating Coriolis, getting stuck on the mail slot. Damn! Will I ever be able to play this?

    Once I was past the surf, the waves just flattened and I could look out to space and absorb the vastness. This is for me, I though. Its my game.
    That's a great analogy. I've always likened starting out in Elite to turtles on a beach. It takes a lot of effort to cross the beach but for those who do, the ocean awaits

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    It must have been around the time when Frontier: Elite 2 was released. I had contact with Elite much earlier on the C64, but I was very young and I did not understand English. Although I was very interested, there was no way to understand whatīs going on, so the first one was not really a game I played.
    Much later on the PC, I got me Frontier: Elite 2. Coincidentally, it arrived the same day when I got a very bad cold and felt very sick. So I stayed at home from work, made myself as comfortable as possible and opened the package in great anticipation. In the package... only a single disk. And they claim that they created a Space Simulator? On a single disk? How does our own Milkyway fit on a single disk?

    And there was more... 100 Million systems they say? Sure... and then I started up the game, the Midi Music started playing and I was blown away. Textures! Those polygons have Textures! And when I opened the star map for the first time, I stared at that 14" screen in awe. The more I zoomed out, the more impressed I was. If I remember correctly, it toolk quite a while to zoom out far enough to get a picture of the whole milky way... and as I zomed out further (not sure if a bug or intended), there where more "milky ways", all lined up in a grid... but there where more. To this day, I canīt understand how you can fit a whole universe on a single 720kb (double sided I think it was) disk and add a game to it, textures, sounds, music... everything.

    Donīt get me wrong. I love the new Elite much more than any Elite before. But we have near endless space available today to create super realistic, beautiful and immersive environments. But all that stuff on a single disk, in my opinion, thatīs still the single most impressive thing a game developer ever achieved.

    I canīt say that I was happy being sick at home, but that week I had off was awesome and the game really sucked me in, made me feel happy, good and probably helped to recover more quickly (happyness has to be good, right)? :-)

    Happy anniversary! Donīt stop what you are doing and remember what was possible on a single Floppy Disk back then if you run into problems coding some complex mechanics. Everything is possible (also planetary landings) :-)

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    Hmm this is tough... But attending the ED Launch at RAF Duxford has to be the one, and when David Braben was asked why he pronounces it as COB-ra, rather than CO-bra, him just saying "that's the way it is", and then taking a straw poll of the audience, and I was the only one who agreed with him.
    My son, who was there too, is still taking the mick out of me for this.

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    I had my first contact with ELITE first on the C64.
    Since that time I have been fascinated by Spacegames.

    When I found out that ELITE was being re-released on the PC, I was very happy.
    I immediately pre-ordered the game, and since then I've been an enthusiastic ELITE gamer again.

    The greatest moment was when I successfully returned from my journey through the Outer Arm Vacuus.

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    I remember being very envious of my friend who was playing the original Elite on his computer (which I think was a commodore 64). I had a Commodore Vic-20 and Elite was not available on such an inferior machine. So, I began saving up what little spare money I had to buy a ZX Spectrum. The first game I bought with it was Elite. I was elated when I made it to... well, to Mostly Harmless!

    I had every version of the game that was released over the years and when I saw the new Elite Dangerous coming, I built an large-scale upgrade to my PC so I could play it with the highest graphics settings available.
    So, Thank you for all the years of gaming pleasure you have given me over most of my adult life.

    Elite was the FIRST... and still the BEST space-faring game around!

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    Elite has been a good game to me, I've got a lot of good memories already and I'm sure many more to come.

    I'll pick dropping into Sag A* in Forever Autumn, setting the first Buckyball time for the T-10. I had the shakes from pushing a ship I'd barely flown before across the vastness of the Black. I remember posting my time, and getting myself a large glass of wine to wind down with. It still feels like a great acheivement!


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    Congrats to your 25 anniversary!
    I always was looking for a game who never stops and always will be developed continuously. And it should have a good and an exiting story.
    It also should have a certain amount of complexity and a lot to discover. Thats why Elite Dangerous is the perfect game for me.

    I've sold all the other games I had. Just to have enough time to play Elite Dangerous!
    If I would have the space, time and the money, I would build me a big screen with 3 beamers just to be able to dive more into those great adventures!

    Thank you guys, for doing a great job all those years!

    Kind regards
    Johnny Grecco

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    I was looking for a new space themed game after burning myself out from EVE, and saw that Elite was on sale. Gave it a go. Was purchasing Horizons not short after.

    What really sets this game apart from all other games, at least for me, are the awe inspiring vistas it offers. When the first star “jumps” into your view, when flying next to a ringed planet, when the first enemy explodes following the barrage from your weapons. I can just sit in space and stare at the scenery, and cannot help but feel the nearly limitless potentials of our universe out there.

    My first real wow moment was when I found my first close binary. A small ship, in front of these giants, floating in blackness.

    FD, you have created a game in its visuals that for me, can sometime capture the same feeling as when I was first looking at the Pale Blue Dot while reading Carl Sagan’s commentary.
    For this, I thank you.

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    I think it was around February 1989, while enjoying the school's summer vacations on a coastal town, I bought the monthly edition of the MSX Micro magazine

    that mentioned a new game for the MSX Computer...

    ...It was labeled as "a game for a lifetime", and was so beyond anything I have ever seen in my thirteen years that I was actually eager to return home from the beach (a first). Well, 30 years later, I'm still playing it, so I guess the magazine wasnt wrong.
    Regarding the "Ohh!" moment, I guess one of them was when I was thinking "I wonder why they didnt use the classic music from the original Elite on Elite Dangerous...." and then I used the docking computer for the first time : D It really brought back memories.

    Flimbo aka Commander Maiya

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    Maybe not a Frontier memory but I remember playing original Elite at my friends house after school, and we had already played for days if not weeks and finally we had enough money for docking computer. Made it a lot easier and faster. Yeah people whining docking being difficult in ED... they haven't played the original

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    As an EVE Online player I always wanted to be able to fly my own spaceship from the cockpit. That dream came true when i first started up the game in Feb. of 2015. At the start I knew nothing and tried my best to survive in the harsh world, my genius idea was to use my starting ship to take on Anacondas (Yeah, smart i know). After a couple of deaths i was finally able to beat one. That feeling of accomplishment was something only EVE was ever able to give me before from the many games i have ever played. I thank you so much for making this game and congratulations on the 25 years! Not many can say they lasted that long and hope to see you still going after 25 years.

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    I remember just before beyond chapter 4 entering a conflict zone and hearing "Warning. Capital ship signature detected.". I was not expecting that, I didn't even know conflict zones COULD have capital ships! I was actually excited to fight with and against these things, so I did both. While I had fought the thargoids before then, the atmosphere created by the ships warnings, the ominous noises of the ship jumping in and then the music kicking in as soon as it started firing hundreds of lasers at all surrounding ships was just so much more intense. Since then I've spent ages hunting around for more events involving capital ships and now, megaships too (with the new scenarios).

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    It was with great excitement that after many years playing the original Elite on my trusty Commadore 64 way back in the day to find this game out for Xbox. I bought the game and now have so many happy memories of going through wonderful colour graphics of space and building up my fleet of passanger liners. I have not made Elite yet but I am damn gonna give it a go to get there. Thank you for bringing the most wonderful game back onto the screen of my console.

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    My most abiding memory has to be the first time I ever saw the original Elite.

    I was at school at the time and my form room was actually in the art department. We had a BBC Micro-B in the form room and I remember my form tutor bringing in the the game, he was as excited as any of us kids.

    The game soon became a firm favourite in the lunchtime computer club - we used a very peculiar joystick, reminded me of the controller sticks for model aircraft.

    I wasted countless hours on my lunch breaks playing Elite and watching my friends play too. Of course it wasn't to be until 1988 I got to own Elite for myself on the Commodore Amiga - ahh happy days.

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    I have been with Frontier from the start. I had a BBC B and played the original Elite, which then was the best game i had played from the start of personal computing in the late 70's. i tried all the Elite versions and then i heard on Dara Ó Briain twitter feed there was a kick start for the new Elite, i signed up straight away. Join in at the beta and have been hooked ever since. I have probably played every space sim out there, Elite was and still is the best.