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Thread: Just read Cmdr Harry Potter is signed up for DWE2

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    Originally Posted by besieger View Post (Source)
    I would say SDC and co do a good job of it... we are in the official lore of the game...
    And an SDC member failed miserably today(not allowed to name) with my unarmed ship
    SDC is not a threat, just another "kanye west wannabe" talking nonsense...

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    Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post (Source)
    It seems the Beseiger on this forum is quite a different character than the Potter in game.

    "I got an issue with the organisers, so I'll take it out on the participants" is never a sound argument. It's peevish. So well done for proving the guys I thought were overreacting right.
    That assumes me the only reason he griefed was because he was called out. I think it was clear he was waiting for maximum salt.

    As Zenith linked earlier

    They will never, ever be trusted with anything ever again by the larger community

    Yes, we will. People always trust us. It'll take about 6 months and we'll do it again.

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    This has got very unsavory in parts, so it's probably for the bets to close it before things go even further downhill.