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Thread: Missing 3 Cytoscrambler Burst Lasers

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    Missing 3 Cytoscrambler Burst Lasers

    IP Protocol

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    11:40 EST


    None / N/A

    WO 9812 B


    Ship Type

    Commander Name

    I am missing 3 Cytoscrambler Burst Lasers engineered with Sturdy Scramble Spectrum

    Steps to Reproduce
    Unable to reproduce

    Additional files?

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    Confirmed in my Journal Journal.190110213124.01 "StationName":"Chandra Port", "StarSystem":"Wo 9812 B" "EngineerModifications":"Weapon_Sturdy", "Level":5, "Quality":1.000000 }, { "Name":"$hpt_pulselaserburst_fixed_small_scatter_name;", "Name_Localised":"Cytoscrambler",...

    I had 3 Cytoscramblers stored at this hub G5 Sturdy with scramble spectrum enhancement, they have gone missing!

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    HI AdagioKonrinzai,

    Thanks for your report. I've had a look through your commander profile, and it appears that an Eagle that you own that is docked at Chandra Port has 3 Pulse Lasers with the sturdy scatter spectrum modification installed.
    Are the three modified weapons that are apparently on this ship the items you are looking for, or are these three additional weapons?

    Stay safe,

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    Yes I had an eagle docked at Chadra Port with 3 Pulse Lasers with the sturdy scatter spectrum, those are the ones I am missing. I went to swap them out on the eagle for a different set of cytoscramblers at the station. At this station I should have 12 Cytoscramblers, all are G5 with different set ups.
    3 Cytoscrambler G5 Efficient-scramble spectrum
    3 Cytoscrambler G5 Sturdy-phasing sequence
    2 Cytoscrambler G5 LongRange-phasing sequence, 1 Cytoscrambler G5 LongRange-scramble spectrum
    and the missing 3 Cytoscrambler G5 Sturdy-scramble spectrum
    I had swapped them out on a ship but instead of going into storage they vanished.
    All my remaining Cytoscrambles reside on ships, please place my missing 3 Cytoscrambler G5 Sturdy-scramble spectrum back in storage.

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    I am not a Power Play expert so shoot me down in flames if i am wrong, but are you still pledged and of sufficient rank with Archon Delaine to get the Cytoscrambler?
    If not could this cause the problems you are having?

    Fly Safe o7

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    Hi again AdagioKonrinzai,

    Could you create a new ticket with our Customer Support please, you can do this here -
    They should be able to help you further with your missing three pulse laser hardpoints.

    Stay safe,

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    If this is happening its a serious issue and needs looked at; just getting back the hardpoints with Frontier Magic Wand(tm) is not sufficient. Others will be losing their hardpoint modules also if this is indeed a bug. Carefully going though this commander's logs should reveal whether this is the case or no. EDDiscovery even is a wonderful tool to do this.

    I have whole shipyards full of modified engineered modules(because material storage has a stupid 120 limit) + pp modules saved for a rainy day, and would be most annoyed to notice some missing one day.