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Thread: PC version Crashes during Load - Looking for ship move

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    PC version Crashes during Load - Looking for ship move

    Game crashes while attempting to load. Last known location was docked on the Saviour VP25 in Bhagutsuk. Loads fine in CQC but Solo, Private, or Open continues to crash after mode is selected and gets to 'Loading...'

    Also in Krait Mk II.

    Possible issue with stations in system as I have seen multiple reports of issue. Could I request movement of my ship to adjoining system?

    o7 CMDR NightScreamer

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    This also happens for me. Same Aegis Megaship, same system, same CTD. I am also requesting a ship move.

    CMDR Mackenheimer

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    Yeah the exact same thing is happening to me at Saviour VP25 in Bhagutsuk. Just says "loading..." no ship hologram at all, just a CTD. Is requesting a ship move the only solution?

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    same here.

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    Yep, some kind of bug going on with the rescue ship it seems.

    Not to hijack or anything, but there's a bigger thread with support response here:

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    Sorry to hear about this CMDRs, please send us a ticket via: and we'll be happy to help.

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    Sent a ticket yesterday - I understand support is very busy but these cases need to be prioritised as it’s locking people out of the game at a crucial time before the imminent DW2 launch. It should be relatively straightforward to move people’s ships caught up in this game breaking bug - I wish tickets could be categorised as critical.