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Thread: Game Crashes to Desktop on 2nd island

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    Game Crashes to Desktop on 2nd island

    Frequency of the Bug/Issue

    Describe the Issue
    When working on the 2nd island, the game crashes to desktop.

    I ran a number of tests

    When the island has only herbivores in the park, no crash occurs

    Within 5mins of releasing a Carnivore (Seratasaurus, Dilo, Raptor), the game crashes to desktop

    Reproduction Steps
    I saved the file before i incubated any Carnivores.

    CTD after Seratasaurus released
    CTD after Dilophasaurus release
    CTD after Raptor released

    I have run full memory test, no errors found, also full disk tests, no errors

    I do a clean installation of nvidia drivers at every update of the drives

    Expected Result
    Game not to crash

    Actual Result
    Crash to desktop.

    Even if I leave the game and do nothing for 10minues

    Supporting Evidence URLs
    DX DIag :

    Steam Profile id : 76561197965415571

    I can provide any save games files if you wish. I saved a separate file before releasing Serat, Dilo and Raptor.

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    This bug happens regularly. Pretty sure I selected regular, but seems not.

    This happens everytime I play island 2

    I have changed from full screen to windows, reduced detail on graphics, but still crashes

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    Hi Chadman,

    Thank you for the report, sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue.

    It looks like you're being affected by several different crashes, at least one of which is suspected to be linked to high core CPU. Some users have found their crash frequency diminish by reducing their amount of active cores, though you should only consider doing this if you are comfortable and confident in doing so.

    If you could provide your save files please, they will be of use in the investigation. In the meantime though, I've passed on what you have provided so far.

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    Hi sorry for the delay, I have been ill :(

    Link to the save files. I created a number to see if it was a particular Carnivore that was causing the crash

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    No worries Chadman, I hope you're feeling better now.

    Thank you for the save files, I have added them to the investigation.

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    Hey Gareth, yes I am feeling better now thanks

    Also, im a techie for a living, so if I can provide you with anymore detail, like event logs or anything similar. let me know.