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Thread: x52 mode switch bindings

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    x52 mode switch bindings

    I have an x52 HOTAS and I'm trying to get the mode switches to work somewhat similar to this old link:

    Unfortunately, they continue to do nothing, here are screenshots of my config:
    Name:  Capturex52elite.PNG
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Size:  71.7 KBName:  CaptureLandingMode.PNG
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Size:  16.1 KBName:  CaptureFlightMode.PNG
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Size:  18.5 KBName:  CaptureCombatMode.PNG
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    Am I pulling an ID10T here? What do I have to do to get this to work as intended?

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    What i do is select the specific mode using the mode wheel on the joystick. Then when in the elite controls menu i select the specific menu option such as honk fss scanner. I then press the desired button on my joystick. It then saves this button on that mode.

    Hence standard mode is orange colour and fire buttons etc are used for shooting things.
    Scanners are on the pink mode colour and fire buttons are used for scanners etc.

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    I wanted in some cases for it to do a set of commands actually.

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    in the pictures there is a macro button that is not ticked. Do that and see if it makes a difference

    Also You could try increasing the delay timings so all are over 0.25 seconds to see if that fixes things.

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    I made it like this:
    1. remove all "MODES" columns, leaving only 1 mode.
    2. set all 3 MODE buttons to "unprogrammed" - at this moment Elite WILL see them in the game as stable (non momentary) switch
    3. set one of them like follows to allow me to toggle landing gear on entry to MODE3 and toggle it off on exit of MODE3
    4. MODE2 is stable - and I set cargo hold button in the game to "HOLD" and to MODE2 button = when MODE2 is active, cargo is opened (and led is pink)