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Thread: Blew up when wing mate dropped on me

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    Blew up when wing mate dropped on me

    First, i only lost about 60,000 credits, and am not sore about it because i was doing a simulated run for the DW2 Hull Seals.(Mechanics) I was the "injured" party, and deliberatly got my hull down to 4% so the run would be an emergency.

    My canopy was cracked but intact.

    the power plant was operating on reduced power.

    I saw no timer for life support and no warning of any time-sensitive issue.

    While i used tha star to overheat my ship, i was not near it when i got it down to 4% hull, nor when I blew up.

    I was waiting for the Seals to arrive, everything playing out as expected. I friend requested the seals that were en route and then invited to a wing. I then proceded to turn on my wing beacon, and await their arrival. I heard the faint "boom" of a ship dropping from supercruse near me, and instantly blew up.

    There were no other ships near me or in system on my contacts panel. there was no sound of weapons fire.

    I don't particularly care about the 60,000 credits, tho I would rather not lose any to a bug. but my main concern is for those needing assistance while on DW2. What caused this, how can it be prevented, wand what should be done in the event of this happening to someone else?

    This occurred in LHS 1827 at 2:03 easter time USA. I believe that's 17:03 game time?

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    Hey CMDR,

    It sounds like your wing mate may have unfortunately collided with you from your description, it's possible that when arriving out of Supercruise, they were very close and couldn't control their ship.