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Thread: Question about spectral type classification

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    Question about spectral type classification

    I'm currently trying to understand the spectral type nomenclature as seen in our galaxy map. Here is an example: a K (orange yellow) star with the complete notation "K3 VA, KO VAB". For a start I could find an introduction here:

    K3 is clear so far, but I still can't understand the remaining 'VA, KO VAB', even after reading the page from the link above. Can anyone shed some light on it or a link perhaps to some further informations? With the exception of the link above, all I could find about the topic were astronomy books.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Found something that is possibly related. Can it be that VAB means "Virtuelle Allgemeinbibliothek" (translated it means 'virtual common library') and is not only abbreviated as VAB but also has an astronomy link?

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    About halfway down for the specific tables.

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    Thank you very much!