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Thread: Comprehensive update and dlc list

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    Comprehensive update and dlc list

    Your Feature Request / Idea
    Ok, so here are my list of features i would like to see added. Features that are needed in some cases.

    1. Genes 4.0: confined space, forest, grassland, and increasing and decreasing pop and social.

    2. 4.0 power plant perks

    3. Sauropod kill and fight animations

    4. Random stampede animations by armored herbivores on small carnivores

    5. Jurassic Park buildings and skins pack

    6. Safari Explorer ride

    7. Paths allowed to be placed through gates

    8. Gyro paths through water without deleting water

    9. Velociraptors that climb out of fences

    10. More terrain tools and decorations

    11. More weather conditions such as heatwaves

    12. Aquatic and flying species

    13. Different design options for hotels and shops

    14. Park rides like roller coasters and ferris wheels

    15. Pack hunting animations for raptors

    16. Bathrooms, benches, trash cans, janitor personel

    17. Engineer personel... Instead of rangers fixing buildings n fences....give us hard hat wearing engineers from the power plant to fix things.

    18. Security personel allowed to use lethal force during an escape

    19. A larger map for nublar

    20. The ability to open n close park gates along with a jurassic park gate option

    21. More unique animations for popular species

    22. Finance upgrade that allows you to sell all 3 options from any shop at once instead of having to choose only 1.

    23. Add a social gene that allows the indominus rex and velociraptors to co exist and join a herd/pack together.

    24. Give Dilophosaurus spitting venom its own paralyzing animation before it kills prey

    25. Give thermal power plant upgrade that allows pipes under ground to power the park to get rid of powet lines and helps prevent power loss during storms.

    26. Add children as guests

    27. Add petting zoo

    28. Add bridges and catwalks

    29. Add classic paddocks like rex kingdom, jp raptor pen, jw raptor training facility

    30. Add more helicopter and jeep skins. Particularly some inGen logo ones

    31. Add well done pachy and trike head butt tussling animations

    32. Add a rescue guest option for rangers and acu

    33. Allow guests to get drunk in the bars and attempt to sneak into paddocks to get eaten or rescued

    34. Add running water, water falls, and deeper water options

    Bonus** Acrocanthosaurus, hadrosaurus, herrarosaurus, albertosaurus, therizinasaurus, compys ( dont increase population but do devour corpses so no need for transport pick ups of dead),

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    Okay so this is my view on your suggestions.

    1. Personally I dont think this is needed rather there is a tweak with certain species

    2. Totally agree with this

    3. Any animation would be an improvement but I can see this being difficult to implement

    4. This again is a grey area. Many Ceratopsia (like Triceratops) probably would of formed a 'wall' formation if they were in a herd. On their own they would of probably fled and only attacked if they felt cornered. I do agree herbivores need a sort of herd defence animation and behaviour.

    5. Problem with that is this is mean to be Jurassic world and Universal probably doesn't want to blur the lines between the two.

    6. Same as above

    7. Totally agree with this and its a requested feature. I would rather have special 'guest gates' rather than use the gates we have now but it would be a huge issue.

    8. Surprised this isn't a feature already

    9. Same as above but included for all the 'raptors' (Spinoraptor, Indoraptor and Deinonychus)

    10. Highly requested feature and completely agree

    11. Agree with this. I also did a thread in which I suggest they expand the information we receive in regards to the weather. More Informative weather updates thread

    12. I think this is the most popular request

    13. The shops and perhaps the hotels are based from the movies so I don't think they will be changed

    14. The dinosaurs are our attractions so this I feel would go against the game

    15. Agree but included for all the 'raptors' (Spinoraptor, Indoraptor and Deinonychus)

    16. Agree

    17. Agree but they would have their own building. Additionally this is where the 'janitors' would be hired

    18. A bit of a sensitive area. Due to the better graphics the result would be more vivid. Also people would just use it to hunt or mass slaughter dinosaurs which would give the game a bad rep. It could also be argued what would be the point as we can tranquilise them so there is no need for lethal force.

    19. The most important feature that needs to be implemented into this game in my opinion.

    20. We can already open and close park gates. Do you mean the ability to lock them?

    21. Agree and more dynamic sounds as well.

    22. 100% But I suggest this would be a research upgrade in a new PR section. Additionally there should be guest facility upgrades such as being able to accommodate a greater capacity, lower costs and improve guest satisfaction

    23. I assume you mean allow the Indominus Rex to communicate with the Velociraptors if so then 100% agree.

    24. Completely agree with this

    25. The power lines issue is again one that simply needs to have underground cabled that would be vastly more expensive. I don't think a new type of power plant is needed. Also if your powerplants are having issues during storms put a weather station next to them this seems to work for me. Plus storms are meant to be an inconvenience.

    26. The problem with this is the children could then be killed which is just wrong. So this is something that simply wont happen

    27. Due to the previous point raised and the fact at the moment we don't have baby dinosaurs I don't think this could be implemented

    28. A much needed feature as well as stairs.

    29. The idea is that your meant to create your own paddocks. Perhaps the raptor training facility would increase science and security rep as well as income from those departments but decrease entertainment rep and would put the dinosaurs under stress

    30. Agreed

    31. Agreed

    32. I can see this being helpful but with the number of guests it would be difficult to implement

    33. I'd rather they cause mild vandalism to guest facilities

    34. Agreed

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    "Add a social gene that allows the indominus rex and velociraptors to co exist and join a herd/pack together."

    I absolutely love this idea! So cool!

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    Kids wont get added cos Internet moms will kill the game and i agree with the personell i miss my cleaners from jpog

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    I like a lot of your ideas, especially ones concerning park staff. I would love to see individual workers, with their own names, implemented into the game. And they would be in no way immune from attack the way rangers are.

    There is one idea you may have missed however, and that's changing the dinosaurs available at the beginning of each mission. JPOG had so much replayability because every time you started a new campaign you would start with different dinosaurs. I feel it gets repetitive when playing missions, always start off with a Ceratosaurus and Triceratops etc. If it were vaguely randomised every time, it would do wonders for me and my desire to keep playing. Also, if you remember, we could choose which formations we wanted to unlock upon star rating increase. That would be 10x better than the same ones unlocking over and over. It would be a modest alteration, but the effect it would have, I think, would be huge and most certainly positive.