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Thread: Transportation rating issues.

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    Transportation rating issues.

    Not quite sure what Iím doing wrong but I canít get my transportation rating up. I followed a few videos that were posted and nothing seems to work. I have a station right by my viewing vent, hotel and shops and it still shows the area in red. Is this some weird bug or am I missing something?

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    Hi Gdain,

    Transportation ratings can be tricky to get up, it might be useful to upload a screenshot of the map of your park, so other players here can take a closer look and help.

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    Just finished Sorna on Jurassic. I put two monorails by the entrance on each side and that seemed to do the trick. Went from like 34% to 100%. So odd lol.

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    I would also have a station right next to the entrance. And I would try to place in large paths as much as possible. That usually helps with transportation.