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Thread: Challenge mode-useful paddock combinations

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    Challenge mode-useful paddock combinations

    Originally Posted by spruce56 View Post (Source)
    You can make a tiny paddock with a high rating with Sauropelta (which has a population max of 4):
    What combinations do you find the most useful in Challenge mode?

    I always do a carnivores paddock with 3 Ceratosaurus and 12 Dilophosaurus.

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    When I can unlock Suchomimus I add a pair to my park. They have a comfort threshold of 65% so it is just perfect if a storm breaks out. They also have almost the same requirements as Ceratosaurus to I just move them to my Ceratosaurus enclosure and let them fight. If I want to I heal them up so I have Ceratosaurs and Suchomimus in a pen with Dilophosaurus.

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    Iíve been doing diplodocus 8 and dilophosaurus 12.

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    3 Dreadnoughtus(w/ cross species gene), 8 Diplodocus, and however many Tsintaosaurus until Dreadnoughtus social is maxed. Works amazingly well for me.

    10 Iguanodons and 10 Olorotitans is also one of my favorites