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Thread: Hellmode

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    Originally Posted by Havvk View Post (Source)
    You said it, not me xD
    Probably best to get my tin hat on if the start of this thread is anything to go by. Although I do wonder if CQC would be better if people could bring their own ships (different divisions for certain ship values). Probably not, but there must be something that could be changed that would interest a PvPer.

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    I like the original idea, however leave the engineering alone (everyone can now get the vast majority of the advantages the dedicated dice rollers used to get) and replace with the following:

    Notoriety 10 - relentless pursuit from 5 ATR on this CMDR wherever he goes // if killed by ATR pay full price on rebuy, no insurance.
    Notoriety 9 - relentless pursuit from 4 ATR on this CMDR wherever he goes // if killed by ATR pay 80% of full price on rebuy.
    Notoriety 8 - relentless pursuit from 3 ATR on this CMDR wherever he goes// if killed by ATR pay 60% of full price on rebuy.
    Notoriety 7 - relentless pursuit from 2 ATR on this CMDR wherever he goes// if killed by ATR pay 40% of full price on rebuy.
    Notoriety 6 - relentless pursuit from 1 ATR on this CMDR wherever he goes// if killed by ATR pay 20% of full price on rebuy. Not 5%.

    Caveat - Killing NPCs does not bump Notoriety above 6. Yes, if you want to farm NPCs for murder, you can suffer some consequences too. In solo.

    ATR numbers or time to arrive should also be scaled back depending on the security level of the system - high sec should have ATR start chasing quite quickly, low sec will have fewer ATR and they might take more time to start following the perp.

    That will allow for some semblance of believing that a high sec system is actually what it says on the tin.
    Also, if ATR are ineffective, revise the builds untli they are. This will, as always, be a work in progress. Perhaps have a half a dozen or so ATR builds speciaising in different areas, the worst case would be having someone chased by 5 ATRs all of different configurations and weapons fitouts? If you can beat that, I want to see the video and admire it.

    Notoriety decreases as it does now, 1 point every 2 hours.

    Now, we have an outlet for the money that these void opals bring us.

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    I don't believe there needs to be any separation between crimes committed against humans & crimes committed against NPC's.

    I've said elsewhere that Notoriety of 5 or higher should be far more "permanent", but that Notoriety should also be beneficial for certain criminal activities (like NPC piracy & Black Markets). I also believe that Notoriety should have greater impact on Wanted Ships, should they be brought to book, & the Commander flying them. So to add to the OP's idea. Notoriety of 0-2 means that you re-spawn in the ship you got "killed in". Notoriety of 3-5 means that you re-spawn in one of your other ships, selected at random. Notoriety of 6-8 means that you re-spawn in a stock sidewinder, but can summon one of your ships to your current location. Notoriety of 9-10 means you re-spawn in a stock sidewinder, & have to fly to the location of one of your stored ships.

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    I don't see anything "Hell" here, more like a noob happy mode: if you behave and be a good kid, you'll be fine.

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    Originally Posted by Krash View Post (Source)
    I suggest Feros and Havvk meetup for a duel in stock vultures and put an end to this bickering. Just a friendly duel. To the death.
    That solves nothing, a possible outcome is a dead Feros, I have no idea of Havvk's ability, and it's all irrelevant to the fact one can gank in pretty much anything. That is clear to anyone who simply analyzes the matter objectively.

    What would actually answer the question is putting me in a stock vulture with a series of ships I get to select from whoever's in eravate at the moment and see how many last a minute. But that doesn't really sound like fun for me.

    Or one could, ya know, just watch the video I posted of someone doing exactly that - except in an eagle.