More pipedreams with that extra-special blend:

I really hope we can take full control of the carriers and also manually fly them, use multicrew inside of them, manage docking rights, activate or deactivate features like repair, restock and refuel and managing ressource consumption this way and some time in the far future walk around inside the carriers interior!

As owner of a carrier I iamgine it like this:

I approach inside my DBE and safely dock in my carrier. I get a welcome message and get prompted if I want to take seat at the bridge of my carrier. Of course I want that. So I am in the spacious cockpit of my fleet-carrier. I decide to go to the docking-rights panel and activate docking rights for all squadron members. I call all commanders from my squadron for the task ahaed to come and dock at the Fleet Carrier and to bring some hydrogen and ammo, to stock up the carriers supplys.

After a few hours a buch of commanders has docked at the carrier and I decide to take off to our target destination.

I set hyperjump coordinates for my target system. Ther carrier jumps. At arrival I navigate the carrier to a combat zone to fight this pesky rivalling faction we are at war with and drop into the zone with the carrier. All my squadron-mates who are still docked can now depart and fight for victory, whilst some dedicated commaders stay back to defend the carrier from enemy fire.