A Drabble is a story of exactly 100 words. Come read this batch of stories and vote on them. If you like what you see why not join us next week with your own Drabble?

01 - Frank - Bumpy Hollow by Cathy

Luna liked pubs. This one was an experience: a hollowed asteroid in the depleted Cragmine Belt. Steel fixtures were bolted to a rivetted floor. Through the grills Luna glimpsed raw rock.

"Drink up," said Chandra.

Luna regarded her iron cup. Its contents frothed.

"I think its reacting with the metal."

"It's supposed to." Chandra took a swig.

A bell clanked.

"Last orders already?"

"No. Buckle up."

Just in time Luna found the lap belt. A mighty impact rocked the bar. Magnets rattled.

"What was that?"

Chandra shrugged. "Poker dive? Brothel? Another pub? We collide sometimes. You get used to it."

02 - Edith_The_Hutt - Waypoint by RoyalHankey

Captain Lateness accepted a mission to go to Obsidian Orbital in the Maia System.
Only problem was his Navigational Computer was malfunctioning.
He could only jump a few light years, but needed the money to fix the computer fast.
So it was waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint scoop, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, scoop,
waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint scoop, waypoint, waypoint, scoop,
waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, scoop, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, scoop,
waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint scoop, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, scoop,
waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint scoop, waypoint, waypoint, waypoint, scoop.
He finally arrived but the malfunctioning computer sent him to the wrong waypoint.

03 - phong - Honouring the fallen by insanephoton

The screen flicks to the newscast.
Some slick politician drones on about honouring the sacrifices of the Navy.
I suppress a cynical laugh. That's a lot of fine talk, that doesn't ring true.
They just used us as cannon fodder. Why were we in that worthless system anyway? The politicians didn't seem to think much of it when they gave it back to the Alliance. Was our sacrifice in vain? We lost a lot of good friends back there for what?
I turn to the rest of the crew in the bar.
'A toast to fallen comrades. Lest we forget.'

04 - JetsonRING - Waxing Nostalgic . . .

CMDR Lemmon sighed, allowing his awareness to drift, hands and feet automatically working the ship’s controls without any conscious effort on his part.
The limpets knew their job and the cargo racks were filling quickly with ultra-valuable ores.
Thinking of that first day, a letter, that slick lawyer, the small Sidewinder and tiny stipend that came with it
all leading to this great ship, his wealth of credits stashed in the Bank of Zaonce,
memories of adventures and fantastic vistas that no other human being had ever witnessed.
He sipped his tea and sighed again.

05 - redstar1 - He’d been here before many times.

He’d been here before many times. Nevertheless, sweat started to glisten on his brow. The itch in his nose grew even more irritating but no, he could handle the distraction. This task required nerves of steel and the control of a steady hand, traits not easily attained with a galactic hangover. No more Lavian Brandy he promised himself, but that wasn’t a new concept either. Fatigue set in, a twitch of the arm and “BUZZZZZ”. “Dammit!”, he exclaimed. A quick check on the ship’s hud suggested Hutton Orbital was still some minutes away. Time for one more game of Operation…..

06 - Galactic Midden - A Sentimental Return

"Why are you here young man?" the wizened old miner croaked.

Commander Gunn cleared his visor before turning to face his questioner. "I'm looking for... a friend. I lost him nearby".

The old man spat and raised a rifle disguised as a farming tool. "Which habitat? You clearly don't live here".

Trying to work out how to survive to reach his friend, Gunn replied "No, we're prospectors. I'm worried, he's not well"

"What's wrong with your friend?"


The old man smiled and extended a hand. "Thing I like about Alzheimer's is you get to meet new people every day".

07 - TheOriginalB - Jack of All Trades AKA No School Like The Old School

Looking over the latest Faulcon DeLacy offering, with its slender body, its blue vectored thrust, its expansive cockpit view, it's hard not to reminisce fondly about the Cobra Mk III. That time-proven design, never the fastest, nor the most maneuverable, nor carrying the most firepower, still managed to carry thousands of commanders across the galaxy. Could it carry a fighter bay? No. Did it have large hardpoints? No. Was the cockpit as analog as could be? Absolutely. Lots of ships can do what the Cobra can do, but anything you want to do, you can do well in a Cobra.

08 - JetsonRING - Friends And Days Between

CMDR Kadian relaxed in Hullabaloo Bar at Fowler Station sipping warm, flat ale and allowing himself the privilege of reminiscing about his past.
Faces of old friends and crew mates drifted into and out of his awareness, the alcohol dulling their features and softening the voices speaking to him from within his memories.
All gone, some dead in the black, some drifting away as his drinking and raving became more and more frequent.
Friends and family all fading away and it was his fault, not theirs.

He teetered out of the bar leaving a nearly full mug on the table.

09 - phong - Nostalgia:Gotta whole lot of ash aka the last word

The modded pathway The USS Infraction slowly glided down to the pad. Commander Isaac Coxforaliving had always skirted around this villainous scumhole but had never had cause to visit. Securing his ship he stepped out and admired the Hollywank walk of shame. Neatly engraved brass plaque identified the infracted beneath a casting of their buttocks; all part of the having your presented to you ceremony. A few recognisable names: Alien, Kow... he could see a spot reserved; 'Winnard'. Two slabs lay side by side to accommodate his casting. Mods are much easier to find than engineers. Because they are a bunch of...