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Thread: January Round Up!

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    January Round Up!

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the first of many Round Ups, where we'll be looking back on some of the awesome things that have happened over the last month for the Jurassic World Evolution community.


    Last week, we challenged you to release 25,000 Stegosauruses as a community into your parks, and you absolutely smashed it with a whopping 295,514 Stegosauruses! We can confirm that one player in particular released over 3000 on their own too, that's some serious commitment to the cause. So once again, congratulations to you all!

    It was really nice to see so many players getting stuck in with the challenge, we saw lots of screenshots of hundreds of Stegosauruses and of course, some brilliant memes!

    Community Favourites

    Every week we see some amazing creations from the community, whether it's a beautifully set up screen shot, an incredible looking park, or some fantastic fan art, we absolutely love looking through it all. So here's some of our favourites from January:

    Sith420's superb circle park, posted on Reddit and the Forum. Check out the full album here.

    u/brachyfritz's awesome coloured drawing of a Spinosaurus shared on Reddit.

    u/Lizard_Xing's marvelous screenshot of the Metriacanthosaurus on Reddit

    Creator Spotlight

    The Iguanodon enters BestInslot's Dinosaur Death Maze! This is such a fun concept and a hugely entertaining watch so be sure to check out the video below!

    Stream Clips

    Every Thursday at 12PM UTC we have a Jurassic World Evolution livestream over on the Frontier Developments Twitch page, we have so much fun doing these streams and it's always great to see your names popping up in the chat. Here's a couple of highlights from this month!

    Steggs had just accepted a mission from Dr. Wu, when a storm hit shortly afterwards...
    Chanté isn't impressed with the holes in Steggs' jumper.

    Forum Topics

    Seeing players helping other players is always lovely to see. Agent_Reptile asked for some tips for Challenge Mode on Jurassic difficulty, and a number of you shared your tips and tricks to make the challenge a little easier. Take a look here.

    Tom_Jurassic is organising Jurassic World Evolution community meet at the Natural History Museum in London. Check out the details right here!

    That's all from us, thank you to all of you for a fantastic month. Keep an eye on the forum for next month's streaming schedule, be sure to share your creations, and if you need anything, you know where to find us!

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    Jurassic World Evolution Moderator Global Moderator Lora Craft69's Avatar
    These look great, the video by Bestinslot is very good.

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    Enjoyed that.

    Cheers Steggs

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    Woah! My drawing got featured on here! I never thought I’d make it on one of these haha! Thanks steggs!

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    Oh wow. That park is gorgeous!