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Thread: Server Issues?

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    Same issues here in Belgium...can log in but continuously kicked due to matchmaking server issues.

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    Yep, managed 2 jumps before disconnection. Man, 3.3 must be really hell for the servers.

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    Zero communication..

    I'm sure they'll be all communicative when they want our money though..

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    Originally Posted by sollisb View Post (Source)
    Zero communication..
    How about post #15 then

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    Originally Posted by Andy_Pipkin View Post (Source)
    6:02pm and it's now 8:34pm?

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    i had trouble. but logged out and logged in a private group. then was ok

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    Since my last disconnect, I waited a few minutes and tried again. Three or four jumps/cruises later (20 minutes?) it's still alive... yay!
    Btw, because of all the damn outages, I had to escape interdiction by the same NPC about 5 times, cos it kept dying before it stored the fact.....

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    Literally unplayable!

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    Commanders, the Elite Dangerous servers are now more stable and the team is continuing to monitor the situation. If you continue to have trouble accessing the servers please let us know and thank you for your patience!

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    Client after reload is still showing 'ISSUES DETECTED'

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    Still going nicely for me, 60 minutes-ish into this session...

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    Originally Posted by Brianna of Ardagh View Post (Source)
    Yes, it's bad in parts of the US, really bad. It's currently -20C in Chicago, in the middle of the afternoon, with the windchill it feels like -29C.
    I was being Sarcastic but not directed at what is happening in the US.

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    Originally Posted by Gortron View Post (Source)
    I was being Sarcastic but not directed at what is happening in the US.
    I kind of got that with the 0.15cm of snow! I'm just glad I don't live near the part of the US that's being hit so hard, although we do get our bad days, and wind, so much wind!

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    I Have been trying to log on for over an hour.

    Phsyical location. North England