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Thread: game not launching steam

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    game not launching steam

    hello just purchased the game on steam with all the dlc's.
    when i try to launch the game it dont launch it says "running" then something went wrong it gives me a code and open a website but when i click "request code" it gives nothing.
    what i tried was verifying game files,uninstall then reinstall even uninstalling microsoft c++ vc2015 then reinstalling none of those helped.

    but i dont think its a technical issue with the game itself or my pc but something about denuvo.

    please help me launch the game.

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    As with all problems software wise, have you restarted the computer? If not, do it, you'd be suprised at how often it works.

    Does your computer meet the minimum requirements (i.e. are you running it on something with a dedicated card or intel integrated graphics) if it is the latter then you probably don't meet the requirements causing the game to not work at all.

    If the PC is a laptop make sure it is plugged in, an unplugged laptop will run in a lower performing state to save power, this can mean (even if the system has a dedicated card) that you will be stuck on the intel graphics causing your issue.

    For all else, provide the QA staff with a bit more info - such as your system information from a DXDIAG report so they have at least something to work off of.

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