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Thread: Squadron Leaderboards - Season One - Results

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    Can anyone help me sort out where this "reward" is that I'm told I've been given? I can't seem to find it for the life of me. I know it's in outfitting but I've come up dry.

    EDIT:'s a holographic bobblehead. Swish.

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    FEDX was 31 members at the time the xbox powerplay leaderboard was finalized. They managed to beat Celestial Light Brigade. CLB is at least 100 members big on XBox.

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    all hail to the CHEATERBOARD (or EXPLOITBOARD) winners... Still waiting for investigation results about the transactional nature of that as per this:

    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    We've passed the feedback on for investigation. Thank you!
    Been waiting for about 2 years but still, I have faith in fdev.

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    Originally Posted by Azreh Helas View Post (Source)
    mor active members more missions getting, done more ships shot etc, am i missing something?
    No, but it does seem kind of a strange incentive to funnel players together in larger groups.

    Should be awards for more active player averages as well, in my opinion – coming from someone who is in one of the full squadrons and got an award for doing what I was already doing anyway.

    At first I didn't even know what the award was for.


    To be fair, I'm not actually sure that averages aren't a weighted factor as it is now.

    Cheers. o7

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    Does anyone know if we can pick these awards up whenever? Half my Squadron (Achievements) is in the black and we're wondering if we need to high-tail it to Colonia before this season ends or... (Took silver in Xbox CQC)

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