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Thread: Versions of Windows 10 for Gaming

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    Originally Posted by Shadowdancer View Post (Source)
    In less that a year it won't be fit for that purpose any more, and even now it may require more than simply running auto-update after installation.
    It will be fit for gaming until I find a compelling game that requires DX12 or I migrate to graphics hardware too new to have Windows 7 drivers. As of today, there are virtually no such games, and only handful that really run or look any better with DX12 than DX11; even in a year, they will be uncommon. Anyone with a library of games more than a decade old is also likely to have examples of games that do not work correctly with Windows 10.

    As for simply running auto-update after installation, I've never considered that to produce a usable system with any Microsoft OS.

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    Originally Posted by Shadowdancer View Post (Source)
    Including inertia, upgrade now. I understand that change is hard and there's a lot of history and comfort with that crusty old body pillow, but face the facts: it's dead.
    Yes you are right. When official support stops the OS is dead of course. I am not waiting until the end of the year. I will most likely upgrade during the summer holidays. I already have W10 Pro ready to go. I also am ready to remove all excess that I not need.

    I do have experience with W10. I use it at work and I maintain a few PCs with W10 for others. I really hate what they did with the interface and accessibility. ThHe change will be hard on me like never before.

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    Originally Posted by Shadowdancer View Post (Source)
    Seeing how the OP is from the "M$" persuasion (oh how fondly I remember the late 1990s when that was all edgy and cool) it's probably a lost cause though.
    I'll politely ask you to back up a-bit. I did work for the company from 1993-2001, but since then I have done a 180 with M$ shoving W10 down my throat, and installing anyway when I hit that big red X stating STOP. As well, I don't agree with the EULA and If there was another way to play Elite on a PC, I would dump Windows in a heartbeat. My move to LTSC and stripping out things like Bing, Edge, Cortana, Telemetry and the M$ Store <<(all spyware and sales/marketing) was done because I purely hate Windows 10 Retail and it was as close as I could get it to Windows 7. I do like the W10 core, but that's all.

    My post was an attempt to tell others there were alternatives to W10 Retail and since there is availability on the internet for running a "Ha, Ha, Licensed Copy, I felt some justification and satisfaction for M$ ruining my Windows 7 install with their brute force tactics.

    No offense sir, I don't mean to chastise or otherwise be rude in any way, but I am not from the M$ persuasion. I just meant to foster a discussion on what folks felt about gaming on different flavors of Windows 10.

    Again, no offense given.

    Be well

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    I held off installing W10 for the longest time but eventually caved. Then I disabled and or deleted every single thing that I didn't need. I run a few cleaners and a registry cleaner to keep things fresh and only have the bare minimum start up. I have auto update turned off so I update windows when I want it updated and not running and slowing things down in the background. This is a fast and very solid OS now and I really like it. Oh yeah, I do run Classic Shell as a 3rd party to make it look and operate like W7 so it's sort of the best of both worlds.

    If anyone is interested in this application.

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