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Thread: POI sub-types are not persistent

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    POI sub-types are not persistent

    IP Protocol

    Date & Time of Occurrence
    2019-02-08 - 2019-02-09


    None / N/A

    Skaudai AM-B d14-138 , Skaudai AM-B d14-60


    Ship Type
    Krait MkII

    Commander Name

    Persistent POIs which have been discovered and logged by other Commanders have a different sub-type when visited by me.

    Specifically, visiting system Skaudai AM-B d14-138; my notes:
    Guardian Civilisation
    NSP x3
    NSP A - blue cloud, Caerulum LC,Prasinum MC,Rubeum MC,Albulus Bell Mollusc

    AB 7 a - Guardian, Geo, Bio
    2019/02/08 14:29:11 AB 7 A,Bio#2,Gypseum Brain Tree
    2019/02/08 14:53:52 AB 7 a,Bio#1,Gypseum BT,Mountain top

    NSP B (ring of C 11)
    NSP B - purpureum mc
    NSP B - rubeum mc
    NSP B - Albulus Bell Mollusc

    NSP C (icy ring of C 10)
    NSP C - purpureum mc
    NSP C - prasinum mc
    NSP C - Albulus Bell Mollusc


    Compare against :

    2019-02-04 17:24:30 Brain Trees Bio 01 Carpasinus Brain Trees (11.793,-66.641)
    2019-02-04 17:31:05 Brain Trees Carpasinus Brain Trees (9.1661,-33.2641)

    As can be seen, I scanned "Gypseum Brain Trees", another Cmdr scanned "Carpasinus Brain Trees".

    Similarly visiting NSPs, I get different sub-types of Metallic Crystals and Bell Mollusc. I have tried relogging (including waiting nearly 24 hours) to see if things changed but they didn't.

    Up to now, at least the major type of each PPOI has been persistent.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Fly to a system which has been explored by another Commander. (The two above are useful references)
    2. Approach a PPOI (Either NSP or Bio/Geo)
    3. Scan with Composition Scanner and compare Type and Sub-Type
    4. Note whether or not they differ compared to other Cmdrs

    Additional files?

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    Hey Micha,

    Thanks for your report.

    I have passed this along so that we can investigate this internally.

    Take care, Commander!

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    Hi there,

    We're seeing the same sub-types as you when checking the locations you've specified. We've also checked things our end and can see that Skaudai AM-B d14-138 had Gypseum Brain Trees discovered back in December which the site you linked does not seem to reflect. I don't know how the site works (whether it automatically picks up what the player has scanned or if it relies on players accurately reporting it manually), but I'd be more inclined the issue is that side. Perhaps an ID set up wrong or something.

    If you do have another location that you think mismatches, it would be good to get another commander to check the same site and see if their results mirror yours.