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Thread: Frequent Crashes

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    Frequent Crashes

    Frequency of the Bug/Issue

    Describe the Issue
    When I just bought JWE, I couldn't get past the first cutscene when starting a new campaign. My screen would turn grey, all I could hear was stuttering and I had to restart my pc for it to close down. After I clicked continue numberous of times, I finally got past the cutscene. But after playing the actual game for 5-30 minutes, the game would crash. My screen would turn into a random colour, the sound would stutter and it would crash. I have tried so many things; validate files, reinstall drivers, turn graphics down, disable overlay and more but nothing works. Today after trying some more fixes I decided to start a new campaign again hoping it would fix it, but no. We're back to the same issue I had the first time I played it; screen going grey, sound stuttering, having to restart my pc.. It's getting really frustrating, please help. Any help is appreciated, thank you. Note; This happened ever since I bought it on steam 04/02/2019.

    Reproduction Steps
    Cutscene crash:

    1: I click new campaign.
    2: The cutscene goes to about halfway before crashing.
    3. My screen goes grey.
    4: I hear all kinds of different stuttering sounds.
    5: I can't do anything, having to restart my pc.

    Game crash:

    1: I do something. (It's completely random.)
    2: The game freezes for a second.
    3: My screen goes pink/green/random colour.
    4: The sound stutters.
    5: The game closes.
    6: Box saying "Jurassic World Evolution has crashed" pops up.

    Expected Result
    Being able to play.

    Actual Result
    Game crashes.

    Supporting Evidence URLs
    None right now, I'll try to catch some today.

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    Hi Unholv,

    Thank you for the report, sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue.

    Please provide your Steam ID, information on how to do so can be seen below:

    How to find out your 17 digit Steam ID:

    - Open up your Steam client and choose View, then click Settings
    - Choose Interface and check the box that reads, "Display Steam URL address when available"
    - Click OK
    - Now click on your Steam Profile Name and select View Profile

    Your SteamID will be listed in the URL at the top left (it's the really long number at the end.)

    Or you can:
    - Open your file directory
    - Navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Jurassic World Evolution\
    - Within this folder you should see another folder with a long number as the folder's title (17 digits)
    - This is your Steam ID