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Thread: Dark Tourism. Is it a thing?

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    The photos are a good proof.


    Me at machu picchu.

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    Originally Posted by SMcA View Post (Source)

    family friendly site.
    That goes out the window every time Yamiks posts a video in DD.

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    Ye know yer on my estate when the first wall mural ye see informs ye which particular paramilitary brigade is the dominant group on said estate.

    The writing below also informs the general population that certain activities will absolutely not be tolerated and consequences are very harsh.

    The ice cream van keeps a baseball bat in his cab beside the flakes and while he does sell ice cream to kids, thatís not the only thing he sells...the kids are just a cover.

    To the casual observer it looks like any other estate but there is almost no anti social behaviour of any kind, no house breaking, no drug dealing, no vandalism or graffiti and no all night parties.

    Appearances however can be ver deceiving...break the rules and ye get to experience a level of brutality ye didnít think existed in any part of civilised society.

    Wasnít always like this...used to be one the roughest estates in east Belfast...nowadays though nobody wants to scare the rich tourists away so they rarely get to see the ugly side of the long running ulster conflict.

    To quote a once well known politician...they havenít gone away. Tourists mean money and nobody wants to scare them away...thereís serious money involved so everyone profits...sometimes thereís riots but most are small scale and not officially sanctioned, kids mostly just being kids ^

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    Originally Posted by Caramel Clown View Post (Source)
    I never take pictures when I travel. Ever. Why would somebody need to prove anybody anything? Been there, seen with my own eyes. It's a memory. There's plenty of pictures of Eiffel Tower out there. Why do people have this weird obsession of putting themselves in front of it. As an example.
    I did not think about photos of oneself but the photos of the environment.

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    Originally Posted by Vasco Sapien View Post (Source)

    Me at machu picchu.
    I wonder how you got permission to enter in the country.

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    When I was inPhnom Penh in Cambodia I visited The Killing Fields.... very bad vibes.

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    Originally Posted by Manticore View Post (Source)
    When I was inPhnom Penh in Cambodia I visited The Killing Fields.... very bad vibes.
    Yeh, That place bummed me out for the rest of the day. I recal walking off the beaten path near the baby tree pit when the electronic voice guide starts to talk about (and play) an example of the propaganda music and political rhetoric that played on loudspeaker during the genocide, I remember standing there surrounded by various pits in the ground listening to that audio sample play and then i looking down at the ground and i realised that i could see bones and teeth in the soil and coloured cloth which no doubt belonged to the victims of that aweful place. i was litterally standing on what looked like an ulna wrapped in part of a red shirt or blouse.

    Afterwards me an my mate visited S-21, i remember us both looking at the photo wall displaying the victims who got processed at that nightmare.. we couldnt believe how young and confused some of them looked. One photo was of a confused looking boy who i can still picture in my mind today who must have been no more than 4 years old .

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    Originally Posted by Manticore View Post (Source)
    When I was inPhnom Penh in Cambodia I visited The Killing Fields.... very bad vibes.
    A city with tormented history here.

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