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Thread: Tanaco Research Facility Not Unlocking

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    Tanaco Research Facility Not Unlocking

    Frequency of the Bug/Issue

    Describe the Issue
    Started a brand new save with the release of the Dr. Wu DLC. Very slowly making my way through the game. Completed the first DLC island with flying colours.
    When trying to access Isla Tanaco Research Facility, the message displays "Complete all Muerta East Missions" even with all missions complete.
    Reverted to a save before I completed Muerta East, re-completed the island, same issue.
    Haven't seen this issue reported elsewhere, no response on Steam discussions. If another step is required, it would be helpful for the step to be added to the island description.

    Reproduction Steps
    Unsure how to reproduce - No other reports of this bug, and getting to Muerta East from a completely fresh save is taking a while.

    Expected Result
    Completing all missions on Muerta East unlocks the Tanaco Research facility as suggested by island navigation

    Actual Result
    Tanaco Research Facility has not yet unlocked, even after 4-starring Tanaco

    Supporting Evidence URLs - Showing that Muerta East is completed - Showing that Tanaco Research remains locked

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    Hi Wayofthegame,

    Thank you for the report, sorry to hear you're experiencing this issue.

    Completing all the missions on Muerta East is indeed how Tacano Research Facility is unlocked, and you should have to perform no supplementary action after having done so.

    Please provide a copy of the save you are observing this issue on, information on how to do so can be seen below:

    You can find your save files in your file directory in the following location:
    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Jurassic World Evolution\%STEAM ID NO%\Saves
    where the %fields% are specific to your windows username and SteamID. Please upload this to a file sharing site and provide the download link.

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    Hope that works, I've never had to share files before.
    I've tried restarting the Muerta East island to repeat the missions and see if that fixes it. I'll post an update if this works.

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    Thanks Wayofthegame, I've passed your details on for further investigation.