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Thread: Pitch your game.

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    Originally Posted by knowles2 View Post (Source)
    I got so many ideas for games.

    There are 3 or 4 that I would love to make, if only I could afford to hire a bunch of artists, programmers, sound engineers to create them. A writer or two would come in handy for the dialogue.

    But my favourite idea of FF7 turn-based system combate system but with a bit more tactic and strategies involve, I even have a reason why it this way in this world combat is turn based , set in a world where magic is real but isn't what it appears to be, where the player has a strict time limit to complete the mission, and no human characters can be harmed, I won't tell you why because it give away the story. An the whole open world is a mix of sci fi element, magical kingdoms, war zone, ancient temples.

    I pretty much know what story I want, I have some ideas the kind of areas in this open game I want, I even have ideas for what sequels could be.

    I haven't figure out the name yet or how I will ever get it made.
    Try KIckstarter. I understand it has kickstarted a few video game projects. There are a number of code free game maker out there that allows for a working game. Try that.

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    Originally Posted by moorison View Post (Source)
    Is there a game already in which you can craft and design your own "weapons" (different active parts with voxel decoration/armor - like Space Engineers)? Sometimes I feel like designers try to balance weapon classes in a way that there is basically only a graphical distinction left. Instead of just being weapons, these devices could be more general tools to solve physics puzzles or build elaborate Rube Goldberg Machines.
    Found this

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    Originally Posted by starman View Post (Source)
    Not quite what I was looking for, seems more in line with general survival crafting, but thanks for responding. If you have tried it, think about building a ship in Space Engineers: You need power, thrusters and a control interface, connected by a basic backbone. How the ship looks like in the end is your decision. I thought about adapting this concept into a handheld-version (including either or all of the following elements: projectile weapon parts, knifes or hammer, scanners, calculator, sound generator, radio transmitter, hook shot or fishing reel, etc.), leaving the shape to the player. Obviously larger structures have to involve more effort to carry or they become stationary devices. They can be damaged, and more protective plating could intentionally create a personal shield with no other functional components, or a barricade.

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    I've had a great idea for a simulation that has been floating around in my head for some time, I think it actually has scope to be more than just a game, theres a side to it that could be used as a training tool.

    Im not a developer though, so its probably destined to rattle around in my head forever.

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