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Thread: Newbie wants help with wing missions

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    Newbie wants help with wing missions

    Hi all, my son and I are new to the game and are trying to play it together, we are both using xbox one. We need help in sussing out how to do the missions together. We are a wing together but if one of us selects a mission the other can't see it or any info regarding it such as mission objectives in the nav panel. We are literally winging it. We hope to start bounty hunting but can't be sure we'll drop out of cruise at the target together. Also we can only play together in open mode, I don't know if we are doing something wrong in group but we can't see each other when we use that. Is there a previous post about this as I can't find it? Thanks in advance. P. S finding instructions on how the game works is pathetic in the game.

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    Person who took the wing mission has to share it with their wing. If you turn on your wing beacon you will auto drop on your wingman (when it's working). When you say group, are you in the same group?

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    Yes we are in the same group. When you say wing mission, does it need to have the blue wing icon next to it to share it or can any mission be shared?

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    Just the missions with the Wing icon. The person who takes the mission goes to their left 'Transactions' panel, where their current missions are listed, and selects the mission to show the 'Share' option. That sends a message to all wing members who can then join the mission by going to the same panel.

    If you leave the game or otherwise leave the wing before completing the mission, the owner of the mission will need to share it again when you both wing-up again. Progress will continue from where you left off.

    Make sure you 'Friend' each other (just need to do that once) and turn on your Wing Beacons when you join the wing. That should help the game realise it needs to put you in the same game-instance together.

    Sometimes when you first login to the game, even if you're in the same place, the game can put you in separate instances. If that happens just wing-up and when you jump to another system, or both enter Supercruise, the game should bring you together.