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Thread: Steam Horizons Key

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    Steam Horizons Key

    I bought the Horizons, I created an account in the Frontier store, I connected my Steam to that account in the Frontier store. So far so good, but now I can not play Horizons. The DLC has been put in a new account, not in my old Steam account, so I can not play, I tried everything, but it tells me that the KEY is already used. I need the Steam to detect that I have the Horizons because my account started a long time ago on Steam, attached photo of the keys.

    I tried to send a ticket and there is no way. I also have a capture of the 2 keys that I have of Elite Dangerous and the Horizons DLC, in case a moderator or someone from the support team wants to see it. Thank you for your attention.

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    Hey there,

    I'm afraid this type of issue can only be resolved via ticket, could you try submitting a ticket without logging in? Assuming this is the reason you're having trouble.