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Thread: Will it be there legacy

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    Will it be there legacy

    Hopefully better than the last one.

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    Originally Posted by starman View Post (Source)
    Hopefully better than the last one.
    He had some game come out on steam awhile ago and it was so bad and such a epic fail its the first and only game I ever deleted permanently from my steam account that I paid money for. I don't even want to remember the name.

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    Behold, one of the biggest bullsh...liars in gaming industry. I wouldn't believe a word what this crook says.

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    I just wanted a modern populous, one of my fav childhood games but he couldn't even manage that despite billing that game I bought as that very thing. What a chode.

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    How can you not believe this presentation, what a nice fella... oh wait

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    Guy missed his calling, should have been a lawyer or a politician.

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    "I learned and wont announce my games during the early stages of development!", says the man announcing his new game in the early stage of development.