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Thread: Severe frame rate drops on ps4

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    Severe frame rate drops on ps4

    I'm playing JWE on PS4 and once my parks begin to build up with assets and AI (especially after the 3 star mark) the frame rate drops so low that it deters me from finishing the parks and challenges I've been working on and dulls the experience of playing. I noticed once I delete all my buildings and sell all my dinosaurs the frame rate returns to normal. Is it related to the visitor AI or game assets in any way? Are there any settings I can change to fix the problem?

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    Sorry to know about the issue that you are experiencing. This sounds like a normal performance issue, like the hardware simply cannot handle the load.
    Would you mind to capture some screenshots of the park when the lag started to appear?

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    I also have this happen. By the time you're fighting for a 5 star on challenge mode especially, the lag is defintiely noticable and makes me wish something could change to fix it!