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Thread: All The Really Good Stuff

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    Originally Posted by babelfisch View Post (Source)
    I like turtles.
    Well, they DO support the Galaxy on their backs...

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Woland92 View Post (Source)
    My goal here is to start a thread that is just a persistent outlet for all positive reflections on your experiences playing elite dangerous.

    We have plenty of forumss focused on improving, or complaining about, existing game play elements. Well how about a forum dedicated to strictly to aspects of the game we are enjoying?

    If you saw something incredible or sublime out there in the black, I want to hear about it. If something cool happened to you, or something truly exhilarating, share it with everyone, please!

    How did it feel when you touched ground at that first thargoid site, or when you first glanced the hulking, ehthereal glow of a guardian beacon? Tell me. Tell everyone. Iím probably at work, scrolling the forums. Iíd love to hear about it all.

    Did you have a combat experience that got your heart pounding? A narrow escape? A costly victory? Are you really taking it in? If so, the community, I believe, would love to read about it

    So what have you got from the game youíve so many spent hours playing? Iím all ears.

    About 3+ years too late for me, sorry.

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    Finally got my bindings right for the new FSS yay!

    Originally Posted by Sooden View Post (Source)
    just yesterday, facing off against 2 wings of players, interdiction after interdiction (about 20)...managing to overcome then all, loved it Felt like a real invasion of a Warring power-play

    ''Iím all ears.'' <that's weird
    Idiom for "you have my total attention"

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    I think a recent good new development is that there's been an influx of new and returning players recently from this past holiday season. It's a shame the naysaying & whinging bandwagon noise diverted some new potential players away within the years past, but now they are arriving (as evident on the newcomers board, improved stats on steamcharts/steamspy & recent fdev financial reporting), and seeing ED truly with all it's many wondrous aspects, as the undisputed bar-setting classic of the genre that it is. The steamcharts average is high again for ED similar to its peaks of past years. Hopefully this new batch of player segment will never become spoiled , take much of the game for granted after hundreds of hours of excellent game value, and take advantage of Frontier's goodwill (by making unrealistic ridiculous insta-grat demands and posting trollbaiting dev-bashing potshot threads & comments) while they appreciate all the improved aspects (ex. engineering) from their fresh unsullied new perspectives. o7

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    Originally Posted by Marklar_ View Post (Source)
    It's pretty jaw-dropping, but so is the price
    Yes the price is not virtual.

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