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Thread: Third Crash Scout Found!

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    Third Crash Scout Found!

    Just found a third crashed scout at system ARIETIS SECTOR ZE-A D75 Planet 10 A

    Commander Darkjayson

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    Cool! I guess the message when you scan it is always the same?

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    are there reloadable mats around it???

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    Anything there at all of value/interest?

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    Added to the Canonn codex, let me know if you want to tweak the attribution OP, and thanks for reporting o7

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    Are there any old coke bottles and cheesburger wrappings in the footwell?

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    Hi there! I'm pretty new on ED but on my first trips through the unknown I found a "crash site" on a planet I visited (after I found the "other" signal when scanning), but as I was very new, and had no VRS yet, I left... Now, after some time playing I read there are not too many of these crashing sites... This is true? Did I have that much luck? I recall it was one of my first system discoveries in my Adder... Does it worth to come back with a VRS (if I manage to find it again XD)? I should only scan the site and that's it?

    I guess I didn't find something that unusual XD but... Asking just in case

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    Congratulations Cmdr.