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Thread: Mission board doesn't connect to server

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    I appreciate it has finally been commented on, but if we open a ticket would customer support even be capable of signing us up? Having a ticket open for a few days costs me nothing, and if it isn't fixed by then it would be nice to know a solution is there via that avenue.

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    For me it's fixed.

    (edit: yes fixed. it was half question half statement because I didn't believe my eyes :D)

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    Originally Posted by Bigmaec View Post (Source)
    For me it's fixed?!?
    Are you asking a question or making a statement?

    I've just made another attempt at it, and was able to get a mission list on my first try. I was also able to sign up for both CGs. I'm in FleetComm Private Group.

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    I was finally able to load into the mission board this morning and I can confirm there are donation missions available as well.

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    Commanders, the mission board at Explorer's Anchorage is now fully functional, and all Commanders should now be able to sign up for this week's CGs. Thank you for your patience!

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    It works! Tankx a lot!

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    Thanks for the fix and update.

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    If so then they are technically naive. I'd be surprised if they are. There are ways to horizontally scale apps and dbs on AWS. The concept of 'server' should not even really be relevant unless they are cloud hosting something built for old school VMs. This surprises me.

    >Right now they only have one server handling the mission board

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    Well thank you frontier, being for 2 months already on the dw2 trip and doing nothing other than exploration I was really excited for the CG...thanks so much 3rd and still haven't had the chance to even accept the the mission thanks to your mission board