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Thread: Void opal nerf

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    FD could fix it so that if I were to go mining I wouldn't bring back anything but void opals, and ya know what? I still wouldn't go mining. How long now have we had access to engineers? I still have never even mined a quarter of the amount I need to in order to unlock whichever one it was that wanted the five hundred tons or whatever.

    I mean really? Couldn't I just buy a bunch of crap and take it to her and say that I did it?

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    Originally Posted by Thepirateorc View Post (Source)
    I know its a limited supply but my spot is only used by my group and thats it
    How do you know that?

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    Yeah, it's not nerfed, I was mining last night and did fine. It's more than not likely your area is depleted like others have said. Furthermore, activity across all 3 platforms has an effect on the game. Unless you have an exact knowledge of what everyone on PS4 and PC are doing in your area then you have no idea how many visitors an area has had. If the system has a station you can look at the traffic report and get an idea of how many commanders have been there. Which is something at least, but not even close to the whole picture.

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    To the OP, are you mining or finding less victims in those sites?

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    Originally Posted by Improved Aus View Post (Source)
    To the OP, are you mining or finding less victims in those sites?
    We call'em "clients" YARRR!!!

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    Originally Posted by Improved Aus View Post (Source)
    To the OP, are you mining or finding less victims in those sites?
    Both =(

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    Ok I tested some theories this weekend.

    #1 I wanted to find out if Pristine Ice rings yielded more Void Opals than non=-Pristine
    #2 I wanted to find out if metal rich rings yielded less, more or about the same as the above

    Here is what I found:

    Spent time in two different systems with planets that had Ice Rings, one was pristine, the other wasn't. Both had only one Void Opal hot spot contained in the ring. The yield was fairly terrible, made about 50 million but it took hours to do so. Then I went back to my current favorite hot spot which was a non-pristine, metal rich ring that had two Void Opal Hot Spots contained within the ring. The yield was over 160 million in about half the time, 1.5 hours (my best for this amount was about 45 mins).

    Based on my limited scope, my theory is that rings that have more than one Void opal hot spot, will yield more in less time than Rings that have only one Void opal hot spot. Whether it is Pristine or not seemed to make no difference. One caveat though, I believe some systems are just better than others depending on how much they have been mined by other players, a lot of the 'luck' is probably more affected by that than anything else. I plan on doing more research but I am only doing Combat for the next few days so it will be a while before I can continue.

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    Ive been using the same spot for a month now in a pristine Icy right in the middle of the bubble. Perfect thin ring width too- so easy to spot roids. The planet has 3 void opal hot spots and the largest is something like 30,000 km across? There ain’t no way this thing will be depleted any time soon. It’s an absolute unit of cash. I mean I can find 3 or 4 loaded roids within 30 seconds of each other, longest period between finding loaded potatoes is prob 8 minutes. I’m using a vette with 280 cargo space and unprecedented violent capabilties, and the maneuverability of a vulture on bull shark testosterone- in case any of you turd burglars want to take a crack at my haul. Easily averaging 250 mil/ hour.

    havent noticed a nerf

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